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  1. There are none that I know of & I fish out of NB all the time.
  2. Thanks for the input and clarification. I'll give a try ! Ned
  3. Thanks for the reply. My concern is how the line comes off the cable spool and onto the downrigger. When you stand there with the spool on the screwdriver does the line come off the top or off the bottom of the spool ? Also, are there any problems with line twist ? Thanks, Ned
  4. I unspooled about 4' of cable from the spool the cable came on and stripped off the coating. This cable really twists as you may know. I've also unspooled the old wire from the digitrol. The question is, are there any tricks to keep this cable from twisting when I spool from the cable spool to the Cannon digitrol spool? I fear this could become a mess Thanks...
  5. Check New Buffalo -- Still ice out in front..
  6. Fished below Buchanan Dam yesterday. Water temp 41-42d. Not a hit. Good luck...
  7. Ed; Forgot to ask, did you happen to get the water temp. ? I read that 40d is about the temp they start up in the Spring. Thanks.... Ned
  8. ED -- WTG !! What river do you fish ? I'm getting ready for the St. Joe. Ned aka: SeaGar
  9. Do the depth tables supplied with the dipsy's apply to wire ? If not, how many feet out with #1 to get to 80 FOW and to 100 FOW ? Thanks...
  10. Good question. Down to 80' or so probably doesn't make much difference, but after that it probably does.
  11. This may sound a little crazy or illogical because it depends on nothing. It has worked in New Buffalo, St. Joe, and Ludington. It almost seems magical. I simply take a 310 to 320 heading out of port to 80 FOW and drop lines -- it's worked for me. But then I don't do as much fishing as you guys do.
  12. Mark; Thanks for that info -- guess I'll keep the cable on that I have. It use to be 400' then I lost a bunch when I got it all tangled and kinked and just cut it. How much is left, I don't know. I guess I'll have to go out deep and start letting it out to see when it comes to the end. Thanks again, Ned
  13. Yes, there were a lot of boats until about 1pm. Not much wind, but picked up as later along with the waves -- about a foot or so. Didn't see very many nets in the water.
  14. 2 for 2 in 20 fow just South of the channel @ 10:30am 7# king off planer with snap 2 oz snap weight, 50'/50', Bomber Long A, Wonderbread. 3# coho off planer, 2 color core, Bomber Long A, Gold Chrome. http://www.bomberlures.com/BOMBER2005.pdf Caught these 2 within the first half hour, then nothing for the rest of the day. Ned
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