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  1. Finally a few fish showed up today. This was a great relief as we struggled through our worst August ever to this point. Hopefully with no major weather issues they will stick around now until the end of the season. We lost another 10 fish today too so it was busy for our friends for California. The picture is lousy but you get the idea
  2. Fishing has been tough tough tough! Fished the harbor the last 2 days and managed between 2 and 5 fish each trip although all are nice Kings. SW wind this weekend should help to start to change things for the better.
  3. Fishing has been a struggle with some nice catches and some very challenging days. Our worst trips this week were three fish and the best was 10. Had some incredible sunrises and sunsets all week and as always great people.
  4. We certainly hear a lot of grumbling about the slower fishing lately and I always try to educate people as to how good our fishery is. Look at these results from Lake Ontario to see that out of 43 teams 19 didn't weigh a fish and 15 more weighed one and only one team weighed 5. https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/p100x100/10405510_10203331454705152_932806950633332868_n.jpg Tom Allen Congratulations To Team Screamer for their win in the 2014 3rd Annual A-TOM-MIK Invitational, a tough event this year with minimal fish taken. Great job guys !!
  5. Fishing has been tough the last few days with a 7 and 8 fish count on Sat trips and only 4 on Sun morning. Looked much better today with many less boats out and a better morning bite. We managed 7 nice Kings and others did just as well or better. Fish were in 80-140 feet early and then 180-280 later in the morning. Temp is about 45 down. Off tonight and tomorrow morning before our afternoon trip tomorrow.
  6. There is still time to register for the small boat big fish tourney this sat by going to the meeting at the Onekama Village Park on Friday evening between 6 and 8 pm or call Dave Van Eerden at 231-645-9056. This is a 100% pay back tourney and the weather looks great.
  7. Another great evening with and awesome early bite that tapered off when all the boats showed up. We fished 160-240 feet of water until later in the evening and fish were 45-80 down. Stingers and Meat Rigs both worked great
  8. Thought maybe the fish would be in the harbor this morning but after a couple passes decided it was best to go out and they were still on the shelf. Lots of high leadcore but also some deeper fish. Hope they don't figure out there is cold water in the harbor before it warms back up.
  9. Sorry for the lack of updates but the ladies managed a respectable 11th place finish on Fri and the fishing has been ok since then with some big fish but not real big numbers. 5-10 fish seems to be the norm and 130-140 feet of water the spot. When they are biting everything seems to work and when they aren't nothing does. May lose tomorrows charter to wind but we will see.
  10. Our mornings have been a struggle the last two days as it has been hard to figure out the king bite and then the offshore bite is hit and miss. Yesterday afternoon we found the offshore fish but they had moved for the morning trip. Going to try the bank for Kings tonight
  11. Anybody in the Manistee area that could possibly help I need about 15 pan fish whole frozen by next fri for a teachers project in GR. If you can just pm me.
  12. Well the past couple days were a but tougher after the cold front came through and scattered the fish. We still had two great trips with the rebooking of our kids contest winners on wed and some great new customers on Thurs. Second pic is Steven with his first King just at 18# while the first pic of our contest winner who was able to make the make up day and managed two nice fish and his dad got in on the action too.
  13. Tougher fishing today but still good with 8 keepers this morning and 11 kept this evening with our biggest this year right at 21#
  14. Good fishing this morning and forgot to get a pic again as I was taking them for the customers but we caught our three person limit for some great first time customers on a pretty nice day although a little bumpy to start. 7 Kings came on the bank in 130-200 and then out to the break for 3 Lakers and 5 Steelhead. UV Pink Tux Stinger was unstoppable on a 2 color leadcore while on the bank the Big Black Stinger Paddle with the Rapture Oceana was great taking our biggest fish in a few weeks just about 18#.
  15. A little slower yesterday as the fish were a bit scattered but still a great day with great people. What a way to celebrate the fourth. We started out at 5am and got home about midnight. After fishing we served 902 people at our Lions Club fish boil with just Capt Mitch and myself cooking and then moved to the marina for fireworks food and friends.
  16. Right back to where we left off this morning as we boated 7 Kings ^ Steelhead and a Lake Trout for another great morning. Forgot to get a pic but the Kings were bigger today with a few over 10. Fished from 150-450 feet and it was a steady puck but no great spots. Fish came on Stinger Stingrays from 10-70 down.
  17. Come on down for free hot dogs tomorrow. We will be helping out after my charter is over. Also stop Fri for the annual fish boil cooked up by your local charter captains. Cover Photos Join the Lions Club tomorrow (Thursday) at noon for the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the official re-opening of the pavilion at the beach! Free hot dogs, drinks, and cake!
  18. Another day off with the weather tomorrow but hopefully we will be fishing every day after that this week and see what the wind has done to our fish.
  19. The offshore fishing really took off the last two days and we got to experience it first hand today. Started on the shelf and took a half dozen before heading out and putting another 7 Steelies in. Lost a whole bunch and had some great action. Awesome group of guys today too. Thanks to Rick for helping out today too. Second pic is a 15# Laker we took on the shelf first thing
  20. Still decent but having to work a bit harder for them. Boated a dozen this morning but put 3 little ones back and kept 9. Lost a few too and it was getting colder so fishing was better in 180-220 than the deeper water like the last couple days
  21. Tried to get my nephew out this morning as it was supposed to be flat and he is sea sick prone but with 2 footers right away we didn't make it much past 7am. Picked up a couple decent kings and 3 throw backs and headed in. Will find out tomorrow if there are still fish around.
  22. Kept the rest of the fingers intact today thanks to Steve doing all the work. Another great day as the fishing has not dropped off a bit.
  23. Well fish cleaning took a turn for the worse today. Looks like Steve will be cleaning fish for a while. Warning the pics are a bit graphic.
  24. Off to clean some fish tomorrow for the Lions Club in Manistee. The fish donated during the Manistee County Sportfishing Association Bud Pro Am are used for the July 4th fish boil that is the biggest fund raiser of the year for our club. Hoping the great fishing continues and the teams are very generous.
  25. And the winner is! Nolan Crawford of Custer. Thanks to everyone that got us to 1,000 and maybe we will do it again at 1500.
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