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  1. I bought Captain John King's Reel Flashers, what length of line behind it I should use for fly and for spoon ?
  2. This is good round line. Same or probably better that PP.
  3. I want to show you guys soft plastic for meat heads. This soft plastic is very popular in Finland. Do you know any other plastic lures for meat heads ?
  4. Hello Frank glad to hear you too! I want try to run 8" flasher with fly on the rod with snap weight, but im not sure what lead weight I should use. Is 5oz sinker will be enough to run flasher on 15ft depth ? maybe someone has experience with small canon balls. thanks.
  5. I think "Salmo salar" They are called salmon, Ouananiche, or Sebago when landlocked Ideal Temp: 50 to 60
  6. Its lake salmon. (yes, but its illegal try to catch fish in river.) as I understand fish fatten in the middle of the lake. somуtimes I can find huge baitfish balls on 20 meters. If I find bait ball on 20 meters and the depth is about 50-70 meters how I should setup my downrigers ? What flashers and flys I should use for example? Should I circle around bait ball or I should go through it ? (as I understand big fish deeper that bait fish)
  7. Hello Mike. no. its lake trolling. I caught them on your flasher and fly. Gyus in boat was impressive. he he he. They can't believe that I caught fish on the fly.
  8. Hello Guys, long time Im not be here. Glad to hear everybody again. Autumn salmon fishing will start here soon. About week ago I was on first autumn salmon fishing, to early. Need to wait about 2-3 weeks untill water temp go down. few photos form last trip special thank to Mike for Stinger spoons and blue fly, both fishes was caught on blue fly. Im upgrade my boat, setup 2 bigjon downriggers and now want to try different setups on them. I have a question. here are areas were im trolling. (red lines) can you advice me any potential interesting places on maps ? http://gurin.info/11.jpg http://gurin.info/21.jpg PS: most fishermas here don't use downriggers at all and try to troll in same areas that I marked or on the less depth. There are lots of traffic and I dont; like this. Ill be very pleasant if you make any marks at the maps and send it to me on anton[]gurin.info or just give me any advice Thanks
  9. Hello Mike and Frank, very good gordymohr This is mostly pike lures, but lots of pals use them for salmon fishing. Famous finland spoons Kuusamo Professor. The are heavy about 30-40 gram. check this arcitles with photos. http://www.fishingmagic.com/news/article/mps/uan/4505 http://www.kuusamonuistin.fi/uistimet/uistimet.html
  10. hello everybody. little offtopic. Look what we use for spring fishing. PS: Last year im also use mistinger spoons - thanks Mike! (magnum was the best), thay also greate, but unfortunately water was so row that I can't take photos
  11. hello. is there any fish limit per license ?
  12. john, how do you use them ? The are only 2-1/8".
  13. hello Frank, do you remember name of this company ? ill try to ask, thanks.
  14. Thanks John. yes, i saw apex on cabelas, but unfortunately I want try another colors something like this. (hot red, hot green, maybe blue) I have few of them, they work, so I want order 15-20 different and test it. yes, im in Russia but for shipping its transparently, just a little costly.
  15. hello everybody, I wasn't here for a long time, too many work I was on fishing only few times at this season, but buy a new small boat. (price is complitely reduculus for US) here is few photos the question is, where I can buy apex lures ? http://www.hotspotlures.com/products_apex_troll.php I can't find online store that sell all colors or can order them
  16. Anybody try something like this ? I can't find any feedback about salmon spinners.
  17. yes I want clip it close to lure (6ft), but I worry, that this reduce fish strikes
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