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  1. I don't actually work at the store, I'm franks son living down in TN. From what I understand that location isn't really working out. But you can call frank and see if there is something you can work out.

    Do you already have a nmea 2000 network?

    Not sure what that is. Unless it is something downloaded with a software update on the sonar/gps unit, I'm sure I don't.

    Paul C.

  2. The best way to go in this case is aftermarket. Maretron sells a cable (MARE-003) for about $95 that will do what you want it to do. If you want OEM the gateway module is $235 and does less then the Maretron cable

    Is that something that could be done in Eau Claire with Maretron cable?

    Thank you for your response.

    Paul C.

  3. Morning Ryan;

    I have a 2006 Yamaha 115 and have been interested in this concept for awhile. I asked my tech guy that has been doing all of my electronics and he wasn't familiar with the system.

    My console unit is a Humminbird 898. I have a the iLink and and also the hub with an extra spot. Is it an option for my set up?

    Thanks for posting.

    Paul C.

  4. Guys/Gals,

    My brother is starting a charter company and just purchased insurance through Markel, but it is junk--has a mandatory lay up from November 1 - April 1, plus costs a fortune (about $1,800 for a year, which is only 7 months because of the mandatory lay up).

    I was wondering who you guys are using. I was doing a little research and found Seaworthy Insurance, which claims to be a Berkshire Hathaway company and touts no mandatory lay ups. Just wondering who you guys are using, also any claims experiences/rates would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    This company is Michigan based. I switched to this agent last year. No claims and hopefully never do, and I'm not sure if they do charters or not, but would guess they do. Bob is a fisherman and certainly is knowledgeable of the fishing industry. Here is a link to a short video:

    Bob's Insurance Education Video - A Must View

    This video will give you a better understanding on your boat insurance needs and coverages. It is definitely worth checking out.


    Here is another link with some more info:


    Good luck.

    Paul C.

  5. At this point the decision to prosecute was not made by the local officer but by his superiors. They do have all my evidence, and are still pursueing it. I have a court date set May 14th in St Joe. Fortuneately Wally Laaksonen, Captain of the Blue Fairways is representing me.

    Wish you the very best. Spent 28 years working for MSP and it was usually never good when direction came down from Lansing. Wonder if they were getting complaints from local Michigan Charter Captains? Its not like you guys were trying to beat the state out of any revenue or anything, just a catch 22. Sorry you got caught up in government ineptness. Unfortunately sometimes its becoming the norm with upper management. Hopefully Wally can show the court the error of the government logic. I may have missed it in the comments, but do Michigan Charter Captains operating in Indiana have the same problems?

    Good luck.

    Paul C.

  6. All:

    It hurts me to post it, but we put a skunk in the box today.

    Trolled from about 8:30 am 4pm. Nothig.

    Tried fast, slow, deep, shallow, stained, clear water. Hopefully the fish move in soon.

    ON the plus side--it was gorgeous out there today.


    Thanks for posting Scott. We did the skunk the week before last. Not sure what is going on. Two years ago the Coho were so thick it was a hoot, last year, did good on Kings early. This year we have caught 8 fish. Strange.

    Paul C.

  7. I'm going to st.joe for the first time this weekend could any one give me a few tips?

    Thanks, Neil

    We went out yesterday for 4 hours or so of fishing. Got NOTHING! We tried several variations of Thin Fins, my favorite red one too. We also tried peanut flies behind little red dodgers and a blue flasher fly combo as well. Had 8 lines out. We worked the mud line, saw one net come out while we were there, and then trolled south to the junk cars, zig zagging into that 10 foot to 20 foot water. Not a bite.

    Be careful with the river, depending on where you launch. The DNR ramp does have the docks in which makes it handy, but stay tight to the boat slips going out. It will make since when you get there. Some are using the St. Joe Launch and one will need to be careful with shallow water there too I understand, but I don't use that one.

    Hope you find some. We were quite pathetic yesterday. Didn't mark anything either but did manage to pick up some very bright green, rich looking moss while trolling through the river plume.

    Catch a bunch!

    Paul C.

  8. Paul, I am interested in the bifocal lenses for my Costas. I am just starting to need bifocals for up close. I had a hell of a time tying knots this week in Florida! Are the prescription lenses lots more money? Do you have contact information for the rep?

    Morning Tony,

    The glasses are just over the counter, no prescription needed. I think Costa offers a 1.75 and a 2.5 bifocal. Can't get them in the 580 glass though, as far as I know. Here is a link for some similar to what I bought.


    Sorry, don't have the reps name. I think what I'd do is go to a store selling the Costa's and find the right frame for you and then just order with the bifocals. It is very convenient to be able to see, its like turning on a light!

    Have fun looking.

    Paul C.

  9. I am in the market for some new shades... What does everyone use?

    Morning Dave,

    I finally broke down and bought some good glasses, told my wife as a retirement gift to me, two years ago. I bought the COSTA's with the 580 glass. I really like them. Comfortable and as we all know, vision is so precious I wanted to make sure I protected my eyes.

    Fast forward a year. Was at the D and R Sports Center fishing open house and a Costa sales rep was there with his display. Tried and ordered a set of Costa's with 1.75 bifocal lenses. They have become my favorite glasses because I can actually see to tie on a hook. Did take awhile to get used to the bifocal though.

    I've read that all lenses are the same by some "experts" and all lenses are made at the same place, etc. Don't know if that is true or not but the frames and glasses have been perfect.

    Oh, and I'll be very sad when I lose a pair because they are pricey. And I did invest in a Lanyard to keep them hanging around my neck because as noted earlier, getting older which means, well, you know..............

    Have fun shopping.

    Paul C.

    PS.........E.J. 's Sunglasses does have great web prices sometimes.

  10. Thanks for the report Ed, we were out Friday and went almost to Cook, but I didn't want to drive through the ice. We trolled all the way back and picked up 3. Martemucci's report on the forum was our trip. He left out, I picked up a 9.6 pound, male walleye on a red thin fin. First walleye ever on Lake Michigan for me.

    Getting close.

    Paul C.

  11. Well, with the upcoming coho slaughter about to start I was wondering if anyone had been by the st. Joe or Benton Harbor ramps to see what the condition are for this yr, don't really want to drive close to a hour to find out the ramp is to shallow.

    Not sure on the water depths at the DNR launch, but the docks are not in as of Monday. Water didn't look any lower then last fall on the ramp itself, but hard to tell.

    Paul C.

  12. So we currently have a 20' aluminum deep-v boat with a 225 on it and a kicker. When we bought the boat our plan was to fish all over the place, and we did, but over time that has changed. Now we seem to pretty much just fish Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. We do some perching and some jigging but we do mostly trolling. We have slowly acquired a fair amount of trolling gear. Now getting that trolling gear on our boat along with the fisherman can be a lot of work, and sometimes not as enjoyable as it should be. Also 4 of us on the boat makes it crowded with all the gear. And fishing in a little rougher water isn't real desirable with the open bow and not much area to take cover, the same is true for colder weather.

    So it is time to look for something that suits us better. What we are looking for is something that when they forecast 1-3 that we don't automatically say so much for this weekend. Here is a list of our requirements/wants

    1. Able to be trailered, this is a big one

    2. Outbound motor(s), another big one as we like to fish late and early

    3. Able to fish at least 4 comfortably if not more

    4.something not to large, probably under 25 maybe around 23?

    5. Mid 20k price range, used obviously

    6. Not a cc,I want a windshield

    7. A hard top and enclosure, even if we have to add these

    8. Be able to give me a smoother dryer ride than what we have now

    With all this being said I'm new to the world of fiberglass boats. I'm looking for any recommendations as to what to look at, and what to stay away from. And what to look for, and where to look. I appreciate any and all information you might be able to give me.

    Thanks in advance

    Every time Frank posts a picture of his boats I think they are pretty nice. (Hewes Craft) Not sure if there are any used ones though to get into your price range. Mine is an open 18 footer and we freeze in the spring/fall/winter and bake in the summer. I understand your urge to upgrade.

    Happy looking.

    Paul C.

  13. I was looking to get over to the western end of lake erie this spring for some walleye and wondered if anyone could tell me where I could camp and have a boat docked near by. Would like to go for a week and just leave the 26' seaswirl in the water , Any ideas??

    Thanks Rick

    Not much for the docking but certainly close to a launch. Sterling State Park actually has full hook ups too. Only two parks in the whole State I think with the full hookups.

    Paul C.

  14. Hey Dave, thanks for the update on the new and improved GLA mag. You mentioned the latest issue was 64 pages and the next will be 80 pages. I was 1 year into a 3 year subscription with them, but haven't received one in almost a year. Are the old subscribers kaput with the GLA mag reorganization, or can we expect to start receiving them again?

    Also, I see you are on the docket for the Ultimate Sport Show in GR this March. I'm looking forward to having two of my adult sons there to hear your story about ending up in the drink. You're going to make a difference in a lot of people's lives with that one.:thumb:


    I sent an email to the new publisher with my name/address and asked them if I was still a subscriber. Was assured I'm good through June and the new addition should be mailed out soon. They had a really quick response too! (Probably 'cause I told them I knew Dave!).

    Paul C.

  15. I've been drooling over the Trax Techs for a few years now. Struggling with the price though. A friend has the Big Jon's on his 17 Aluma Craft and I'm quite impressed with the line separation while trolling. I like the idea of mounting them into tracks vs individual Big Jon mounting blocks. My boat is all Bert's so far so I will probably go with the Bert's trees for consistency when I buy, but wonder about the lack of adjustment on the Bert's.

    Have fun buying.

    Paul C.

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