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  1. My insurance agent Bob Luellon http://worldwidemarineins.com encourages all of his customers to do this. Take a pic with a note: Ex. 100 spoons. Then zip the file and send it to his office. Bob only does marine insurance and does everything he can for his clients. The agent is your voice to the insurance company. If you don't have someone that will go out of their way for you when you need to make a claim ( unfortunatley I know) and to make sure that you have the correct coverage, call him! Just make sure that you are not short on time because he will explain everything:grin:

    I changed insurance this summer as well. I did go with Bob and couldn't be more pleased. Now I'm hopeful I'll never have a claim. He has a good video on the Walleye Central web site that explains a lot about insurance.

    Paul C.

  2. Was just curious how many here use a two wheel drive pick up for a tow vehicle? I need a new tow vehicle and I've run across a deal on a 2wd thats almost too good to pass up. It's an 2004 F150, I just have to verify what rear end it has. I know it has the towing capacity, just a bit concerned with launching/retreiving since I'm so used to 4wd, but can't really say I've ever really needed it. I have a 2160 Crestliner Eagle which weighs less than 5000 pounds totally loaded. I'm sure I won't be using it on icy ramps. Any opinions will be appreciated.

    I have a 2004 Silverado, two wheel drive and my boat and trailer weigh 3,400 pounds full of fuel and tackle. Never had a problem launching or retrieving, but a lot of places I used to fish when I had a smaller boat I don't even try and launch.

    Hopefully my next one will be 4 wheel drive but this one has served me well.

    Paul C.

  3. Was able to get over to Lake Erie again yesterday, launched out of Sterling State Park. Lake was a little bumpy but what a fishery. Low 30's with Mike warming up my boat.


    It took around six hours of fishing time to get the three limits. Purple perch, green perch and blue and orange Husky Jerks caught the most fish with our one lone blue tail dancer catching four or five, can't remember. Best lead length was 30 to 40 behind the boards, speed 1.1 to 1.5. (Depending on what part of the wave we were on).


    Final picture before the cleaning assembly line.


    My wife talked me into going to Meijer for groceries this morning. Walleye was 8.99 a pound on sale. Seventy five dollars for fuel in the truck, filled up the boat, fifty dollars...........not going there.

    Out biggest was 29 inches and 8 something pounds.

    Glad I didn't put the boat away yet.

    Paul C.

  4. Starting to plan a walleye trip for next spring or early summer. Was thinking Saginaw bay or Detroit river. Would be bringing my father in from Pennsylvania for 3-4 days and taking my 18' Lund over, but thought once I narrowed down the place and date, that a charter might be a good way to start the trip and learn a lot about the local water and methods. Would also make a nice X-Mas present for the old man.

    He is mostly a jig and drifting harness (or casting cranks) guy on inland lakes in PA; seems like this is not used much at all on Saginaw despite the water depths being perfect for it. Any reason for this on Saginaw...even after fish are located? I have enough trolling experience now with trolling Lake MI that we can figure that out if needed.

    Any input on locations, time of year for some decent size fish, and charter recommendations would be appreciated.

    Something I've always wanted to try but just can not get the logistics down is one of Lance Valentine's teaching charters on the Detroit River. Very personable guy, plus a really good teacher. His web site is www.walleye101.com. He will be booking his trips pretty soon for the spring and he always fills up. He keeps his boat at Wyandotte and has a list of hotels and other logistical stuff for the area. A trip with Lance and then fish the rest of the time after the "Learnin" part.

    Sounds like a fun trip however you do it.

    Paul C.

  5. Got out of the deer stand to make a trip over to Lake Erie yesterday. I have never been on the Lake when it was so flat. Beautiful day. We ended up 6 for 7, with the biggest weighing 9.6 pounds on my hand held scale. We left home about 5:30 AM or so and were fishing by around 9 AM. Kind of a long day but what a fishery. We went out of Sterling State Park. Here are the fish.


    These are what worked, all Husky Jerks, could not get a bite on Reef Runners. Got one fish on the clear one, 70 back on a planner board, two on each of the other ones. Best distance was about 50 feet behind the board.


    Did a lot of Salmon trolling this year and did really good until August, then we really struggled. Talked about going over to Erie all fall and finally got the weather, the time, and the crew to make the trip.

    Thanks to all of you east side guys for posting all of your tips and success stories. Was really nice to make the 2.5 hour trip and catch some fish.

    Have a great Thanksgiving all!

    Paul C.

    Mattawan, MI

  6. Here is a coyote who looks like he just ran something up a tree:

    Then give this one about 5 seconds. Nice deer.

    Hopefully this worked. The camera is a Cuddeeback Attack IR.

    Paul C.

    Mattawan, MI

  7. I just thought this would be a fun discussion for a rainy Wed

    I just sold something for $100.

    I am going to spend it on salmon stuff.

    What would you buy?

    I am just getting back into salmon fishing, I have most of the basic stuff.

    I am thinking about spending it on rigging 2 wire dipsy rods. I have the rods and reels, but I dont have tips, wire, etc.

    Just looking for ideas, things I may have overlooked


    Brian, I really like these. Have not tried them on Walleye yet but am very pleased with them on salmon. Love the adjustment. (also really enjoy helping people spend their money).


    Paul C.

  8. Lets see,

    1) 12 Pound pancake downrigger weight.

    2) A one of a kind plug, unsure of the name, but worked great on Kings.

    3) The net end of my Cummins big water net. (Darn little extension buttons,

    must have missed the hole.) (New one has a one piece handle, fixed


    4) 10 color lead, Hoochie Mama and fly. (No idea what happened there).

    5) One dipsey.

    6) Spoons, not sure how many.

    7) Do those cheesy TX 44 pins in the big Church boards count? Two of those

    broken so far.

    8) At least 30 feet of a 300 copper.

    9) Probably more, just don't remember.

    Sure have had a great catching year until a month or so ago though.

    Paul C.

  9. Hey guys. I found this site from a mention on GLA. I wish I would have found it earlier, but now I am here!

    the name is Brian, I am from Dearborn and have a cabin in Manton

    I fish out of my Grady White Adventure 208

    I am also a moderator on Walleye Central, some of you will probably recognize me from there.


    One more thing you all need to know about Brian, he makes the best modification springs for Offshore boards. I can adjust the springs to keep the flag erect even pulling 5 colors with a flasher fly. He makes some other good stuff too.

    Welcome Brian, couldn't help myself.

    Paul C.

  10. Looking to add some spoon racks under my hardtop and gunwales of my boat to store and hang spoons for easy access and organization. I have seen quite a few boats around the harbor with the hanging spoon/lure racks but never really paid attention to how they were setup. Doesnt have to be elaborate just dont want them falling off with every wave. What do you guys use? Thanks.

    Morning Chris...

    I've been using stuff from this company. Very pleased.


    Its nice and quick and spoons or plugs don't fall off. I talked to him at the Ultimate Show in Grand Rapids this year and he was developing more "stuff" so if he doesn't have quite what you want may be worth calling.

    Paul C

    Mattawan, MI

  11. Good Morning Dave,

    Really enjoy having you here, (thanks Mike H). I was talking to a friend Friday and he told me about a guy who had a car run into his boat and cause a good bit of damage and the problems he is having with his insurance company.

    A few months ago I think you wrote a great article about the Veterinarian from Lawton or somewhere local for us, who was involved in the terrible traffic crash on M-43 while going to South Haven fishing. The description of the whole ordeal was certainly food for thought. At the time, I was thinking I need to contact my insurance company and find out where I'd stand if my boat was totaled. Of course I forgot to do it.

    Would it be possible to publish the article on this forum or a summary of it to remind us all to check on our policy? I was thinking I'd like to print a copy for my agent and let her read it and make sure I'm adequately covered.

    Oh, I gave the magazine away to one of my fishing friends after reading so no longer have it.

    Your thoughts appreciated.

    Paul C

    Mattawan, MI

    PS...Please keep the perch stuff going. Enjoying the info and your giving me some hope yet this year!

  12. Glad to have you here Dave' date=' sorry about GLA decision.

    I supported the magazine, but moslty because I wanted to see great lakes fishing (in any form) suceed. I got most of my news/ideas from GLF and I'm very happy to have your expertise here.[/quote']

    My sentiments exactly. I do learn a lot here but did always get a big smile when Dave's magazine showed up. (Great Lakes Angler).

    Paul C.

    Mattawan, MI

  13. Good Morning Dave

    I must say I'm going to miss your work on the magazine. I've been a subscriber for years and always enjoyed your stuff. Wish you the very best in your new direction. Plus, can't think of a better southern Michigan place to live then the Paw Paw area. Its kind of lumpy on the big water today and yesterday so headed over to one of our numerous lakes to chase some bluegill with one of my walleye fishing friends from up in Lansing. (Bluegill taste pretty good too!)

    Hope all goes well.

    Paul C

    Mattawan, MI

    PS....enjoy Mike's site too, first place I go after email.

  14. We were able to go out of St. Joe again on Tuesday, 08-28-2012. Found some fish to look at:


    But could not get them to go, tried lots of stuff. As you can see, the cannon ball lines where the fish came up to look, but would not commit. We ended up with one king on a three hundred copper that hit a Pro King with lots of white and a blue tint and one Coho that was on a mixed veggie type Stinger down a hundred on the downrigger. Fish have been schooling us!

    Paul C.

    Mattawan, MI

  15. Only 42 you are slacking I am pushing close to 65 rod and reel combos my wife however does not even know where they are all at. I would never hang them all in one place so she could count them that was your first mistake LOL. Most of mine have been bought in the last 10 years and here is what I did to get past the wife, I started taking her dad fishing and since he had no extra money or fishing gear I was required to buy more stuff. The grimace on her face when her dad would point out that if we only had this or that was worth it since she knew it meant i was going back to the tackle store and she really could not complain.

    I obviously have much to learn! Could I borrow your father in law?

    Paul C.

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