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  1. Here is a pic of two of them. My son is still talking about his football Brown!! Haha, love that kid!
  2. Sorry for the late report, been really busy since Saturday. Went out on Saturday out of St. Joe for our shakedown cruise. It was my son's 9th birthday and he wanted to go fishing, what a great son!!! Hit the water a little after 8 and we were greeted with the thickest fog I think I've ever seen. We set up a spread to hit the skinny water and target some Browns, turned the boat south out of the pierheads and just kept going. Day started off slow, and we didn't get our first hit until 11:30 and my son made good on it and landed a nice 8lb Brown to start us off right! It came on a board with a Berkley Frenzy in firetiger stretched back 100'. In the next hour we boated 4 more Browns, and lost a nice one a little behind the boat. The highlight came when my brother-in-law landed an 11lb Brown that came on the same Berkley Frenzy in firetiger!!! What a fish that was, with a huge kipe and just beautiful to look at. All in all we had a fantastic time on the water and ended up 5 for 6 all Browns. Three of the fish came off boards, two on the Berkley Frenzy, and one on a J-9 orange jointed rapala. The other two came on the downriggers in about 7' of water, down 3 and back 50' one on SS Screwball, and one on SS mixed green veggies, both regulars. I'll try and get some pics up later this week. Get out fishing!! Gary
  3. He tried, we had to coach him through that part!! Just kidding, was a great trip out, my son is still talking about it!
  4. Tracker1

    Brown Blast

    Thanks for the great time and the wonderful hospitality shown towards both myself and my son. This goes towards all those who also came up and talked with my son and treated him like any other fisherman out there even though he is only 8! A special thanks to the Fishdog guys and gals for a wonderful time back at the "Lodge", and especially to Steve who let me and my son tag along and catch a few fish, and for showing him around in the "basement" so he could spend his birthday money. What a dream kid, his idea of a birthday present was to pick out his own lures!! Check out his face in the top picture with that king, do you think he had fun?! Thanks from both of us, Gary 2 and Gary 3
  5. Brother-in-law has to work that weekend and he owns the boat! Looking for a ride!! Thanks, Gary
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