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  1. What is over the top and lacking in common sense is people protesting in close proximity to one another on the steps of the capital building. This is not some vast conspiracy cooked up by the government to deprive people of their constitutional rights. It's an emergency safety measure. I guess it's up to the individual whether they want to flaunt an order intended to protect the public and thereby enhance the risk of exposing themselves and others to the virus , but I view such behavior as selfish, short sighted and foolish. This pandemic is affecting us all. I am currently laid off due to the restrictions which are now in effect. The goal is to open up as the situation improves. No one and I mean NO ONE wants these restrictions to go on indefinitely and without good cause but it would be foolish and premature to lift them until we have an accurate picture of the infection rate and the likely mortality rate. Sure you may view aspects of the order as unfair. It's not fair that some people die of preventable disease of lose their employment though no fault of their own or that our elected officials and corporations make bank on the backs of taxpayers while mom and pop businesses get nothing. If you want to complain, complain about the real inequities in the system, not about having your fishing season shortened.
  2. mental health and well-being...what a crock....i thought we fishermen were tougher that that... your opposition to public health regulations in a time of crisis for the sake of getting out on the water a few weeks earlier is misguided. Grow a pair and take one for the team. We are not going to get PTSD from waiting a few weeks. I agree that the governors order is not well drafted but our constitutional rights are not being trampled upon in this situation. We look like a pack of whiny self entitled snowflakes. petition the governor if you must, or better yet try to see the bigger picture and wait for this virus to run it course.
  3. thanks Fred, I've looked at those as possibilities
  4. looking to buy a used radar. anyone have a working system at a decent price? I'm in Minnesota
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