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  1. I had a full tear and rotator cuff surgery on Dec 22. At 8 post surgery weeks I was in costa rica and landed a 7' sailfish. The movements of fighting a fish did not bother my shoulder at all.
  2. yes, got one. I know a few other boats may be looking so I can pass your number on.
  3. Observer needed for the Big Red Classic August the 2nd and 3rd. You will be the official observer of Ofishally Hooked and place on a different pro boat for Saturday and Sunday. You will be welcome to prefish on Friday with us and the fish are all yours to fight! Sort of like your very own personal charter for one! Or you can bring a friend Feel free to give me a call at 616 238-4530 or email me at jonlooman at yahoo dot com Ofishallyhooked.com
  4. What would you do with a boat/person that is not a Captain and a boat that is not inspected or approved by DNR that is operating as a Charter. I'm not talking about taking a few bucks to help with gas money or such but one with an Official Website calling themselves a Charter with Rates and such.
  5. It was shake down trip and we just went out to have a good time. Headed south and set up halfway between Holland and Saugatuck in 45 fow. Best was half core with orange tuxedo which took a couple and Hot Lobster on rigger 35 down took a couple. Things slowed a bit and we worked out a little deeper to 60 - 70 fow and 150 copper and full core started working. Uv lemonberry took a couple on the copper and orange tuxedo continued to work well. North troll was better than south. ended with 12 and our 5 was just over 62 pounds. Good shake down trip. Great event. Had fun.
  6. Left the dock at around 6:15pm with one other person. Set lines at 60' and put autopilot on west troll. Took first fish in 70 FOW on Orange tuxedo UV spoon on 150' copper. Trolled out to 130FOW with no further action. Came back in and took another in 75 FOW. Fished the 50' to 75 fow and had lots of action. Boxed out going 10 for 14. Nine Kings and One Steelie. Again very good size to the fish. Hot baits were Firecracker Spinnie with Big Weenie Poofster fly. Moonshine Happy Meal, Dancing anchovie. Silverstreak Green Muffin. Jon Ofishally Hooked
  7. Nope, Got some charters coming up but this was just a fun fishing trip with family and friends.
  8. Left the dock a little after 6am on Saturday morning. Set up in 70’ and started a South West troll. Morning started slow with just one laker coming in first 90 minutes. Finally found fish in the 100 – 120 Fow. Big chrome paddle with BW poofster down the chute took four off the bottom. Other hot baits included green tuxedo uv spoon on 350 copper, double orange crush on 100’ copper, Mix veggie uv on rigger. Beautiful morning on the water with some great fishing. Ended the morning with 3 lakers, (tossed one back) 2 Steelhead, and 10 nice sized kings. Good action going 15 for 19. Jon Ofishally Hooked
  9. Well, I am pretty much responsible for the anchor sponsorship with Community West Credit Union as I am the CEO of the credit union. I sponsor the tournament because I believe the Big Red Classic is good for the West Michigan community and it is one way the credit union can support the community. I also fish the tournament and want it to be as successful as possible. I am on my second year being on the board for it. I was disappoint a few years ago when the catch/weigh rates were lowered and decided I could be more effective being a part of the process rather than just complaining. After being a part of the board I am amazed at how hard the other members work and at how well organized and well run the tournament is. While the rules and catch rates certainly are a big part of the tournament I believe the real success of the Big Red is in how well it is run and all the other elements that make a tournament fun to be a part of. The people on the board have a love for fishing want to put on a great tournament that is fun to be a part of. They are very committed and many of them support the tournament with sponsorship dollars from their own companies. I know all the comments here will be reviewed discussed at the next meeting. Jon Looman Ofishally Hooked
  10. nojmanloo

    New Ride

    Looks like a well cared for fishing machine! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
  11. 12'8" beam, 13,400 lbs. I am adding some new electronics, radar, ect. Already has auto pilot, genny, and pretty much everything else.
  12. If you are traveling west on 96 next week and you see a Wide Load trailor with a beautiful looking Wellcraft Coastal it is probably my new boat coming home to Holland. 1990 Wellcraft Coastal 330. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/9/2/1/214_opt.jpg' alt='214_opt.jpg'>
  13. 80 to 110 all bites coming on Spinny/fly (green echip or Mt Dew fishcatcher) Took 19 Friday evening and 15 Saturday morning! Sure hope this stays one more week.http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/9/2/1/jon_s_fish.jpg' alt='jon_s_fish.jpg'>
  14. She is a proven fish catching machine. She could be yours - I'll pay for heated winter storage if sold soon. Friday August 26th Holland evening trip! http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/9/2/1/jon_s_fish.jpg' alt='jon_s_fish.jpg'>
  15. 1984 Harley 1000cc Ironhead Sporty Lots and lots of upgrades -performance engine rebuild Fatbob tank and full dresser finders. Wrapped pipes - Much more! Runs perfect/ looks awesome - Black on Chrome! Photos emailed upon request - Going on Craigslist for $3400 but will sell to anyone from GLF for bottom line price of $2900 (this is a steal!!!!!!) [email protected] 616 238-4530
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