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  1. Thanks for the post, keeps us all informed.....Holland has been tough last couple of weeks, fished Friday evening June 5 and wasn't marking much and didn't even get a bump. Hopefully water sets up and fish move back in.
  2. Thanks on the rubber band tips - assume the rubber band hitch will have enough friction to hold on the wire and not slide....I'll try it! The breakoffs are rarely on the wire, but first time out this year i didnt cut the first 10-20 feet off and retie so that was the problem that particular time. Mainly the flouro leader breaks (i increased from 30# to 40#) or like the last time the actual manufactures hook knot failed and i lost the meat head. With the increase in leader and the rubber band trick I'm hoping the line will pay out easier when a large fish strikes, thanks so much!
  3. How and where do you suggest installing a rubber band (to stop the line from paying out), on the inside of the spool or mandrel? Just trying to imagine where and having trouble.
  4. Thank you. I use okuma convectors and think I have the drag set lightly but will have to modify.
  5. Thanks a ton - The wire is 7-strand Blood Run made for wire divers (at least 30#) and 30# flouro leader about 6 feet with snubber. I use quality roller-guide 9 foot rods, Eagle Claw and Okuma. The wire kinks might have been the issue this time since it was the first time using that rod this year. Also going to check the dipsy tension so it releases more easily. What knots do you use to tie the snap swivel to the wire? Interesting about the hook-up. Should i try leaving the rod in the holder when a fish hits for the first 5-10 seconds or so? Not sure which is best have lost them either way, whether i grab the rod or when it sits in holder and then snaps. Thanks for the feedback, It has been one of the hottest rods on my boat since i started with it 3-4 years ago. But the truly big fish seem to break off every time!
  6. Looking for advice on how to keep the line from breaking when a big salmon hits my wire diver rig (Magnum Dipsy). I use a shock absorber and fish with a 30# leader, but when a large fish hits, either the leader breaks or the wire breaks, usually right after the hookset. I use Okuma Convector reels, and the drag needs to be tight to prevent the line from paying out while trolling. Would adding another rubber snubber help? Any advice it appreciated!
  7. Got out on the big Lake last night from 3-7 until the rain pushed us off. Started on the beaches between Saugatuck and Holland and trolled 12-20 FOW on a north troll towards Holland - no hits but it was sunny and bright. Headed out west and set up a deeper water program, marks were good couple miles north of Holland from 50-80 FOW. Took a rip on a huge King there (60 FOW) on wire diver 100 feet back and a Magnum Silver Steak (green-yellow-orange w/ black dots - not sure of name). This monster broke the actual wire.......rain started and we headed in by 7 back at launch. Please keep up the posts - this helps us all!
  8. Fished up by the bathhouse (south of Big Sable Point) first thing in the dark in 70 feet, didn't mark much so moved out deeper to 130 on the ledge. The morning bite didn't materialize until later around 8:30 when we had the low diver set at 110 go off twice, both nice fish but they came unglued. Both on a froggy DW paddle and a UV gasoline (chartreuse) meat rig. Seems tougher fishing this year in Ludington but the fish are big.
  9. I keep all the knifes in an Eddie Bauer backpack, so it was easy to ID. It was hanging on one of the hooks in the cleaning station.
  10. Thanks to the kind fellow who returned my fillet knife kit! So nice to know that there are good people out there. I know the forum is usually about reports so if you want to read the report from that day it is Holland Wed June 26 (mid day)
  11. I was in a hurry and left my fillet knife kit at the Holland DNR fish station. I contacted the DNR and nothing was turned in. It was in a black Eddie Bauer backpack, if anyone has seen it please, please, please contact me! Thanks. 248-703-4888
  12. After a messy AM forgetting boat keys and the like, we had first line set at 9:30am. Went 4 for 6 all salmon (two kings two coho) from 10:20 on through the afternoon, pulled lines at 4pm. All nice size fish. 150 feet of water, most on riggers set 65-85 deep. One on Wire Diver at 150. 2.7 SOG, Mag Green Flounder Pounder, Kevin's girlfriend and green mile meat rig.
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