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  1. fortunate with this years mild weather to have been walleye Fishing Lake Erie out of Monroe. Today had problem loosing connection with a board that has occurred several times. The steel wire connected from the flag to the back clip becomes unattached at the flag. L shaped end just comes out of the holee. The clip and wire stay attached to the line while the board is left behind for a time consuming recovery drill. Considering replacing the wire with thin wire cable with crimped loops at each end. Anyone else have this problem? Other solutions? Today for quick fix I removed the flag assembly and reattached the back clip directly to the steel eye at the back of the board. the flag signal seems unreliable anyway.
  2. Nice to get something silver out there. Been tough fishing in SH for me too. Great to hear about, and see the alewives! Good job.
  3. 2 for 3. Steelhead and a lake trout. Started around 180 ‘ and trolled back east. When hit 164’ Caught the steelhead on downrigger free slider with orange crush spoon. Downrigger ball was at 80’ so about 40’ for the slider. Circled that area but nothing else. Started trolling in again. Same downrigger caught the laker on clean spoon, think was green dolphin. Had a release on same downrigger but nothing. Nothing on other rods: other downrigger, 300 copper, 150 copper, two dipsys and full leadcore. Been tough fishing. Nice to get a silver!
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