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  1. 6 kings, one laker, biggest king was 18 lbs, average was probably 12
  2. Took out my 8 year old daughter, my buddy and his two boys. Went 7 for 9. Started in 200 and worked 185-200 all night. Speed 2.7-3.0 at the ball. 2 fish on frog spinny and meat rig on braid dipsey set at 1.5 back 125, one on wire diver 175 back with white paddle and pickled sunshine fly, one on downrigger down 120 with blue flounder pounder, 2 on 100 copper with jordo spoon, 2 on full core with blue dolphin UV spoon, one on rigger down 69 with green flounder pounder. Great night, kids had a blast!
  3. Went 4 for 10ish, 3 kings one laker, biggest king 21 lbs. lost a lot of decent fish. Fished 1-5 miles north of the pier heads in 80-100. Frog spinny with pickled sunshine fly took a few hits, meat rig a couple hits, UV blue dolphin took one, blue flounder pounder took two hits. Most fish came deeper(40-70 down).
  4. Fished 5-9pm went 4 for 7, 3 kings (22,18,10) and one small laker. All in 90 ft of water. Full core went twice yellow meat rig, high diver back 150 with blue flounder pounder went twice, high diver back 100 with green meat rig went once, downrigger down 58 went twice with wonderbread j plug Fished slightly south of pier heads
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