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  1. We also add 4 colors of micro lead w a 25' 20 lbs Segar Invix Floro leader ! Tight lines and good luck !
  2. Also remember there is a crystal that is in the transducer. If your Sonar is on as you fis so much , you might want to replace it as the srystal may be wearing out. They do wear out as many pro fishermen have to replace them annually. Another thing is that the outside of the transducer should be smooth, if there are any nicks in it take buffing compounds and polish it like your car. On the upper end units ( Lowrance LCX37 to LCX113's) on fairly Smoth water 25 to 30 mph is the fastest to mark fish , they look like Vertical pencils as the speed does not get to make a nice fish smile as it does when you troll at 2 mph.
  3. Unfortunatly they could all be right on , but only one with your electronic's with you boat. Test by Turning one off , do you see the same prior to shutting down the other unit ? Do the Same with the other. I run a Lowrance LCX18, LCX25, LCX110, Fish Hawk 840, Humminbird 997. For most times I get great readings with minimal interference. I have the Lowrance on the Left Side of the Transom and the Humminbird & Fish Hawk on the Right Side, Both units can also be on the Bow trolling motor.
  4. Remember an in Hull Trasnsducer only works on certain Fiberglass boats~ but they work great, However you would need an Through-Hull for an Aluminum Boat:eek:
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