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  1. For one, my freezer is full and I am in the giving fish away mode.
    Second, if it was bigger I would have kept it for the smoker.
    Third, we now spend 2-3 months in WY skiing at the turn of the year.  Its Janet's passion and I am committed to support it.  And she let me buy my retirement boat before I retired, so per the Continental (John Wick series), she holds more coins then I do.  So there is less time to eat fish out of the stand up freezer.
    Fourth, I want to catch those fish when they have 10 more pounds on them, are looking for a good fight and break all my gear  so I can buy more.

    Good answer

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  2. Beautiful night decided for a late start since I don't get to stay out past sunset too often. Fished 7 to 11 started out 200fow.
    Set a new record for the boat around 8:15 with the 1st fat male down 90 on the rigger 20 back on the raspberry carbon. Don't have a scale but the calculater and 35 yrs tells me this is about a 30#er. Waiting on my big net yet (more later) so I had to hand land this one for the finish.
    Almost a double! - just after landing the biggin second hit 200fow 80 down 20 back on a carbon 14. I was resetting the other rigger, and had a small cluster as this hit took the line into the trailing lure and I had to untangle at the worst time. Little smaller than the 1st one but lost it off the boat trying the too dang small net again 🤬 and that initial tangle gave the edge to the fish I'm sure.
    9:15 150fow got a small 3# silver on a 10 color off planer board with double trouble.
    10:30 140fow had a good smack on 10 color off planer board with red flounder but dropped it.
    All my rods/sets saw some action tonight.
    My 35yo cumings 25x28 non extender is just not up to size large. I also fish solo quite often so that's always fun. Ranger 28x30 telescoper should be here today lol.

    So nice !!

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  3. Fished into dusk until sheriffs boat came out in 200 ft, came right behind our boat and cut of my 250 copper, tx44 board and the lure on it, then sped off. Fortunately my grandson grabbed the pole and held on until the braided line broke. If you see a tx44 floating around out there in the days few days, my name is on it along with phone number. Thanks in advance.
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    Last Tuesday we were out in Holland and we hit a board with a orange/green UV moonshine spoon - can’t remember what it’s called. Much line tangled all our lines and it was all I could do to right the ship so I didn’t get the board.
    I nearly got the spoon but lost it.
    Sorry that happened to you.

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  4. Jdh; I hear ya. Anything w/N in it I should probably stay home. Around midnight is was building up at bouy but a 0600 it was 1.2-2.4, so that and fact BS 2-4s was supposed to come down  to 1-3s is only reason I didn’t reschedule;  well it kind of did come down some at 10:30, but by that time 2 of my crew were chumming and that means pull lines.
    Sorry Bigbones my radio is still in it’s bag in the cuddy. I monitor 68.  I need to pull it out.
    Guys: Call me anytime on shore or on the water, 517-750-7452. 
    I have 21’ Grady White w/The Reel Woman red lettering  on each side.
    Anyone know what this spoon is called and who makes it?   It has caught some nice kings lately and I need more. Going to SJ for new board n release and if anyone knows Phil at Tackle Haven will.
    No DW in front or Stingray, Stinger or Silver Streak stamped on shiny side; I looked all over online w/no luck. 
    Btw: My 295’ copper broke as I was reeling it in and my Offshore board and a spoon are still on it. Maybe someone farther south will find it and call me. My name n number are on it.
    Next scheduled trip is Friday, with old neighbors in Jackson. 

    This is Chris from S Pup “Sweet Puppy” I may take you up on that phone call.
    I’ll be out Friday and Saturday
    Mine is 517-610-2481

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  5. Fished north of the harbor but not quite up to Fort Sheldon.  Finished 9 for 10 from about 6:30 to 11:30am in one of the better trips in some time.  The action came in about 150FOW and I ultimately never worked much outside that zone trolling North and South most of the trip.  I could not get much of anything to hit early morning under the cloud cover.  Once the sun broke and swapping out UV lures for early morning glow and dark spoons, things picked up.  The one Spin Doctor / fly did nothing and I pulled it early to go with all spoons.  Also, J-plug on SWR had no takers and was pulled early.  Blue spoons were dominant for kings but most were in the 5lb range and released.  I kept one 10lb king and another that I could not unbutton off the back of the boat.  Green UV spoons took the rest other than the Coho (tonight's dinner) that came on Orange Crush.  The SH that kept jumping on the SB long line while the Coho was brought in on the Port long line was eventually landed with one barb left in its mouth that about fell out.  I will take fish luck when I can it and added my good fortune to the fish box.
    Inspired by Mega Byte, I did my best to take notes during the trip on my yellow pad and loaded the data in the table below.  Dipsey bait depths came off of Smart Troll probes.  SWR was +10' on top of the Smart Troll reading.  Big marks again between 120' to 150'.  I assume these are LT but will have to put a line down there next trip to see what is down there.  Hope to build a log sheet over the next few days to improve my reporting.

    Now that’s a report!

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  6. Fished from sun up at South Haven. Trolled from 30 out to 100. Lots of boats in 100, nobody talking. Skunked. Could use some intel. 
    thought the buoy north of SH was weather buoy. Didn’t give it a thought till I lost a spoon and copper in what was likely a net. Dunce. 

    Same happened to me on the skunk.
    12 hours - nothing.
    Marked next to nothing.
    Salmon fishing will keep you humble.

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  7. Fished 6:30 to 9:30 am.  Worked WNW from 120 fow out to 180 fow and then back in on a ESE into 85 fow.
    1-4.  Picked up a 7 lb laker.  Other three hits were likely salmon.  One was really big and straightened out 2 points of a treble hook.
    160 fow (WNW troll) - Mag Diver on 2 with 8" MI Stinger Green Jeans Flasher and riverside fly back 189.  0-1 (big king)
    165 fow (ESE troll) - Mag Diver on 1.5 with Hammer Time 10" Spin Doctor 1-1 (laker)
    145 fow (ESE troll) - Downrigger 89 ft down - 8" Pro King Mt Dew Scum Line Flasher with Frosted Phil fly (chartreuce & flashabou).  0-1 (coho?, smaller  king?)
    120 fow (ESE troll) - Downrigger 89 ft down - 8" Pro King Mt Dew Scum Line Flasher with Frosted Phil fly (chartreuce & flashabou).  0-1 (big release, no one home)
    Waves were pretty tight coming out of the ESE leading to limited acceptable trolling directions for us.
    Didn't mark many fish in the cold water (55 degrees or colder) where we had most our lines.  Lots of marks in the 70-60 degree water.


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