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  1. They are coming back indeed. A couple times we came back in to port, our coolers looked like the good old days of Lake Huron. Here is our winning catch in the Can2Can tournament this past May out of Harbor Beach: One of the many kings we caught this year in May. This was caught before the tournament: Lots of steelies this year: And of course, big chubby trout: I would say, this year has been 60% silver fish, 40% lakers as a fairly common fish basket.
  2. I remember those days and those pics Don!
  3. Yup! Scott and Nancy are their neighbors. Cool.
  4. Thanks. My parents live at the lagoon off the Kawkawlin. My boat has been in there a couple times. Plus, I pull in there to pick my dad up when we do fishing trips.
  5. Don, After seeing the Four Roses up close, I got hooked on those Sea Rays...! Glad to see you around again. Hope all is well. What happened to those guys anyway? Have not seen the boat in the harbor in a couple years...
  6. Hey guys! Check out this video segment filmed by Gabe VanWormer of Michigan Out Of Doors. He rode along with us a couple weeks ago to highlight the good fishing and the Can2Can salmon tournament in Harbor Beach. Enjoy! May 1st OD: Sunrise Salmon on Vimeo
  7. No problem Tony. Come take a look-see at my trailer. It does the job well. You will learn to pick your launches. Steep ramps are bad for loading and launching these big girls. I about ripped the bow pulpit off last year on a steep ramp. The best ramp I have ever launched at is at Vets Park in Bay City. Yeah, it's a cruise to the mouth, but you will save big bucks on boat and trailer damage by launching there. At the dock, your stern is already in 7+ fow. It is awesome! Trust me, you will not be launching at the DNR ramp at the mouth of the river anymore.
  8. Play Dough, Trust me, I've already been eyeing up the 300's. They are awesome for the type of fishing we do. Problem is, I like being mobile and the 268 is about max for the amount of towing I do. We like fishing Huron in the spring, Saginaw Bay through June/July and the west side in July/August and perch until the snow flies. I need something easily trailer-able. The downside to the 268 is the deep v with only 8.5 beam. She has a tendency to wallow in the waves and that can cause barf attacks for your typical land lubbers:eek:..LOL! I keep Dramamine handy for all questionable riders:thumb:. Grant, come get the boat! Keys are in it. You need a big hitch and a truck with good brakes. Just make sure you top off the gas tank and the fridge
  9. Hey Mike! No problem helping you out while you get started trolling for salmon. It's fun seeing you and Steve-o hitting the big lake. It brings back great memories. It sure is a lot different than our past days of fishing the Tittabawassee for gators after finishing our paper routes. I'm not doing a whole lot with arches/rocket launchers these days. I'll still build one or two for buds as a hobby, but I don't have price lists or anything like that.
  10. Very nice rig Tony. Your patience in looking for the right boat paid off!
  11. Thought I'd throw a few pics of my Sea Ray Sundancer up here all rigged and ready for action. Getaway Specs: 1988 268 Sundancer bad ass wave buster Sleeps 4 crew men comfortably Fridge, dinette, kitchen, bathroom, aft cabin and tons of storage 330hp 454 Big Block w/Alpha drive, remote oil filter and hotwater tank bypass Hot water washdown and self draining deck 3 Scotty Electric riggers Getaway custom fold down radar/fishing arch Full enclosure with drop curtain and camper canvas enclosure Lowrance LRA1800 Radar 510C Lowrance fish finder 3500C Lowrance GPS/Mapping unit Soon to be installed Depth Raider speed-n-temp New transom, stringers, bulkheads and supports Sporting my favorite port.. A couple pics before I installed the arch and radar My favorite pic of course:D This is the 29.70lb king that was the big fish winner in the Benzy Frenzy 2011. This helped net us an amateur division II win, Big Fish division I win and actually beat the pro division by 11 lbs.
  12. I'm ditching my full cores this year. A 1/2 copper (150ft of 45#) runs pretty close to the depth of a full lead core. Therefore if I'm needing to run deep rigs, I'll run my 300's on the outside and 150's on the inside, then 3 riggers and 2 dipseys.
  13. Yup. The first one that came out was called the GTM40. I still use one of those today. They work great. Fishhawk has one now too which looks pretty slick. PS, DepthRaider will have a new thinner cable and antenna available by April. They have also ran the coating inside of the cable now and the out side of the cable will be stainless wire. Also, they told me about another new upgrade that should be ready by fall that we all will like.
  14. I agree Frank. I've had days where the braided dipseys out performed, fewer days than wire, but it's happened. I usually start the morning with a braided dipsey on one side and a wire on the other side and see which one starts working. Then switch over.
  15. I've found my braided line and wire line dipseys run about the same depth too. However, my wire lines out perform the braided versions. Not sure why, but they do.
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