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  1. that's more than I have to spend,but thank you for the reply.
  2. wanted 2 walker bace swivels for downriggers.text or call 269 806 8147. my name is steve.thank you
  3. what were you thinking for the whole lot.im at 2oo .plus shipping
  4. i see no reason for rod limits already.there are limits for how many fish you can catch and have in your freezer.one more way to charge you more for fishing.i would not pay more to run more rods.not trying to sound negative.but if they planted more fish you could run less poles.
  5. went out of saugatuck sat. 40ft cought some lakers .nice boat.what was that deer thinking.
  6. same thing in south haven.started in 20 ft,went out to 160.skunked.had everthing from a hotntot to a 300 copper out nothing.
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