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  1. Fluorocarbon does not have the memory of mono and after being stretched out will not return to original form. You could have 20lb. Test line and it could get stretched out/down to 12lb. Or less diameter in various places/segments. So like someone above me mentioned retie after so many trips or after so many fish or after a really big one butt hooked. I think using flouro can make a big diff.
  2. Located in south grand rapids and would prefer a meet up type sale.
  3. Two used Daiwa Accudepth plus 47lc reels and Shimano TDR 8' m rod combos. Currently set up with two color lead core with 300yds of 30lb. Power pro backing. Line is a few years old and used but id say still has at least a few more years left. All in working order and ready to use. $75 each $150 for both combos
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