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  1. Looking to sale a brand new Seastar Kicker Cable Tie Bar it works off your main note board hydraulics that operates a cable hooked to your kicker no more bar or anything binding ! Asking $300
  2. He ask if I made the switch from copper , sorry most have interpreted it wrong
  3. 1-200ft no l like copper only because if something happens to the copper I can fix it real easy on the boat no tools needed to repair , just cutting pliers and A haywire splice and you are good to go I like Morgan’s copper the best I think I try them all and they make a Superior copper line
  4. I’m like everyone else I wrap my leaders ,crawler harnesses, and whatever on noodles. Then I throw them in the compartment or who knows where then I come up with putting them on a paper towel holder! Now if I’m fishing walleye I slide the noodle that’s got the harnesses I want to use on My Paper towel holder.and if I switch to Salmon I slide that one off and put the noodle that’s got my leaders on it ! (works good for me)
  5. I Loosen the drag so it just starts to click out and then I put the rubber band on and it’ll hold the wire Until the fish strike and breaks the rubber band then I start To Tighten the Drag and fight the fish! Something’s Gotta give so it might as well be the rubber band no more lost tackle due to having to drag too tight some people wonder why the snaps and Hooks straight out it’s because they’ have there drags Set too tight! Take care and good fishing
  6. Loosen the drag and then install a rubber band to hold The wire from Paying out!
  7. Hands Down moonshine! I run them Morning,Noon and Night! If you only run them in low light, your losing out on putting some fish in the box! (RV Dancing Anchovy)
  8. Capt. Bill Myers DELTA DAWN CHARTERS is at VAN Cleve Park Gladstone mi. Little Bays de Noc. Not a bad start for the 2020 Walleye season ! They had a little trouble at first putting fish in the boat but All in all it went pretty good for the first trip! (Got the Skunk out) Good Job Jerry and Kaden
  9. The MI. Governor said no charter fishing The MCBA Is working on getting charter Boats back on the water!
  10. Used like new $225.00 Call 1-906-396-4001 Designed for today’s larger offshore boats, it provides longer cruising range, superior midrange fuel efficiency and better handling in rough seas. Features a new SDS design.
  11. They are still available if you want them, get back with me to finalize
  12. High Speed Salmon Reel New they are ($130.00 reels) I do have more of them if interested $85.00 like New or 2 for $150.00
  13. Buy one get one $650.00 Call 1-906-396-4001 Motors have been going through New updated clutches ONE PIECE BOOMS (4ft)
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