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  1. What is the preferred way set up a meat rig? Should I be using a flasher/dodger in front of it?
  2. I was in the mess of boats searching for Perch. 3 hours with 4 poles. And we never got a bite.
  3. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I am definitely going to watch those seminar videos over the weekend. It is good to hear that we are not the only ones struggling this year.
  4. Back story: Last summer my brothers and I took our dad on a salmon charter in our home town of South Haven. It did not take long for one of us to buy a boat and try it for ourselves. In the middle of the summer we bought an old (expirenced) StarCraft 22' fishing boat. Complete with 4 downriggers and enough equipment to give us a pretty good start. We have been out a dozen or so times and are so far unsuccessful in our attempts in landing a fish. He have had somewhere around 6 fish on. We normally run 8 poles 4 riggers 2 dipsey divers and 2 planer boards. I am hoping this forum will be the education we need to figure out where the fish are hiding. Any tips from the community are greatly appreciated. So thanks in advance.
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