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  1. I just launched from the South Haven public launch. One dock is in.
  2. Trolled the Black river for a few hours on Sunday. Went 2-4, mag lips 40-60 back. Did not make it out to the channel or in front of the pier heads because of the waves. Water was a little dirty and still had a few chunks of ice floating.
  3. That is a mag lip. Similar to a flat fish lure. Made by Yakima. The size is 3.5
  4. Fished the Black river on 12-10 solo, trolled 3.5 mag lips 45-60 back landed 7 nice steelhead. Fished from drawbridge to Blue Star bridge, did not try out by the pier heads.
  5. I know this is not about Lake Michigan salmon but no one looks at the Erie walleye posts. If anyone is looking to catch lots of walleye we killed them the last few days. We trolled and jigged and got them both ways. If anyone is interested in the details you can PM me. We fished out of Port Clinton. Easily over 100 caught in 3 and a half days.
  6. Started out trying for coho. Got 2 lost 1, then went out to 40 feet and hammered the lake trout. I bet we caught 25 plus. Kept 9 lakers and ended with 5 coho. Lakers were all caught with divers with spin and glos and riggers with orange spoons near bottom. The lakers were puking up baitfish. Had several doubles and triples.
  7. It was slow but steady today for me on a solo trip today. Caught 8 coho, kept 5. 20-25 feet of water, Brad’s thin fins and mag lips, gold and orange, 60-90 back.
  8. 3 for 5 on steelhead. Mag lips 50-70 back. Channel is almost clear of ice. Talked to a guy on shore who claimed to have caught a coho.
  9. Fished South Haven from 430p-815, got 2 kings, both around 12 pounds, 1 lake trout around 10 pounds and 2 throw back lakers. Lost 2 other kings and one other fish that I think was a laker. Kings came on 300 copper with green glow spin doctor and green fly and meat rig on a wire diver 130 back on a 2 setting. Lost a king on a 200 copper with a mag modified blue dolphin spoon and on wire diver meat rig back 110 on 2 setting. We fished from 80-130 but all fish came from 90-110, marked a few fish but lots of bait. We ran 3, 5 and 7 colors because I heard a report of people catching steelhead but non of those took a hit. Took my son’s friend out and he got to reel in his first king, he will never be able to go back to blue gills again. Great night out on the water, calm, only a few flies and we caught silver fish in June. Happy Father’s Day. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  10. Another good trip out oh South Haven. Set lines just before 4pm in 125 feet of water. Worked to 170 and back to 135. Caught fish pretty consistent throughout the evening. No depth seemed better than others. Salmon seemed a little higher in the water. 7 color went 4 times, free sliders on riggers down 60 and 75 both took fish as did 200 and 300 coppers. Kept 6 kings, threw back 5 lake trout including a 21 pounder that swam away nicely from the boat. Big king was just over 18 pounds. Pulled lines at 8pm. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  11. Fished South Haven, north, 110-150 feet of water. Went 13 for 15. Kept 5 kings and 5 lakers. Threw back 3 lakers. 300 coppers, riggers down 60 and 75 with free sliders and wire diver back 160 on 2 setting were all good. Couple of kings in the high teens. Could not edit the title but we were actually 13 for 15. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  12. We went 19 for 27. Kept 14 kings and coho, released 5 lakers. All spoons, mostly moonshine. 300 coppers, riggers down 60 and 75, wire diver on 2 setting back 160 and free sliders on riggers were our best but all poles took fish. 110-140 feet of water. No kids today so it was a little easier. Biggest king was just under 20 pounds, several other in the high teens. We fished from 630a -1p. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  13. Fished 4p to 8p. Went 5 for 8. 2 kings, 2 lakers and one coho. Big king was 22.5 pounds. 90-115 feet of water. All spoons. 300 copper, 200 copper and full core with moonshine spoons and rigger down 70 all took hits. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  14. We were 7 for 12. 4 kings and 3 lakers. Lost a couple of nice kings at the back of the boat. Hard for the kids to get the big ones in. Anyway, 300 coppers with moonshine UV blue jeans and UV hulk were our best baits. Also caught one on a full core and a 150 copper. Had a couple hits on riggers 75 down and 55 down but they did not stay on. 85-110 feet of water. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  15. The water is high and I think some of the private marinas are closed. The city launch is open and the bridge is working. Fish cleaning station is closed. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  16. Fished South Haven this evening from 430-730. As earlier post said, water inside of 60 was really dirty. We fished from 60-75 feet of water. Caught one king, about 8 pounds, on a 2 color with an orange thin fin, laker came on a 5 color with a green frog spoon. Lost a steelhead on a 3 color with magic man spoon. Lost one other fish on a rigger down 40 with modified blue dolphin. Tried a few different setups and divers with flashers and flies but no takers on those. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  17. Fished South Haven this afternoon after the ban was lifted. Went 8 for 10. 6 lakers, a nice steelhead and a throwback king. Started in 20 feet of water, south of the pier. Water was really dirty. Picked up and went out to 50, water cleaned up. Went with the waves on a south east troll. Caught fish from 50 into 25. Water cleaned up a few miles south of the piers. Ran coho program except for one rigger down 30 with a spin and glow. On a side note, I put an Ulterra trolling motor on my 21 foot trophy for autopilot and could not be happier with how well it works. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  18. Last minute solo trip yesterday evening. 6p until 9p. Started in 80, good marks and what looked like bait balls and worked my way out to 120 without a hit. Ran out of marks around 115 so I turned back in. As soon as I hit 85 I got 6 hits in about 90 minutes. 2 lakers a throwback king and a really nice coho. I broke off a nice king that got wrapped in the rigger wire when I was trying to net it. Lost one other fish. So I finished 4 for 6. I ran a 300 copper, a rigger and a half core. All took fish. Rigger was down 75-90 with a green flasher and fly. 300 copper had a UV blue jeans spoon and half core had a jordo spoon. Flies and sea fleas were both bad.
  19. I took my 11 year old son, 2 of his 11 year old friends and an 8 year old friend out tonight. I should be awarded a medal for that alone but the three older boys were all on an all-star baseball team that won the Paw Paw tournament on Monday night so this was a reward for them. We set down in 130 and lost one on a rigger 70 down before I had 3 lines in the water. I got everything down except for the last 300 copper and we had a nice king on a rigger down 90. Got him to the back of the boat but the net job was less than stellar and he got knocked off. We then caught a 5 pound coho on a rigger down 70, another king on a 300 copper, he was 10 pounds, 2 lake trout on a wire diver back 160 and the last king on a 250 copper, he was also around 10 pounds. Lost another nice king on wire diver back 150 but he was only on for a minute or two. Green spin doctors on the divers and moonshine blue jeans and Mongolian beef and a purple and green spoon with a stripe were our best baits. we fished from 6 until 9.
  20. Set lines at 6 in 85 feet of water. Got all lines set on a west troll without a hit. Went with the waves on a south, southwest troll around 100 feet of water. Hits were slow but steady until 830, fished until 915 but no hits after 830. 300 copper with UV Mongolian beef took 3, 300 copper with UV blue jeans took 2, tin can on wire diver ticking bottom took a small laker, 100 copper with jordo took a 12 pound steelhead. Lost one on rigger down 70 with UV bloody nose. Ended with 4 kings, one coho, a steelhead and a laker. Marked lots of bait and all of the fish were full of alewives. Kings were not big, 5-8 pounds. Did see 2 steelhead caught on the pier on our way in and the river was full of alewives on our way out in the morning.
  21. Late morning solo trip out of South Haven after I got the kids off to school. Set lines at 1045, fished until 2pm. 300 copper with Mongolian beef RV spoon took 2 kings and lost 2 kings, wire diver with green spindoctor back 120-180 took 3 lakers, rigger down 80 with raptor rv spoon took a king, free slider on the rigger with Jordo took 2 steelhead. Fished 105-120 almost straight out of the pierheads. Direction did not seem to matter. Kings were not huge, biggest was about 15 pounds. Let the trout go, just kept the kings.
  22. Getting out wasn’t bad. The big storm was coming in that afternoon so that may have thinned out the crowd. We were in around 1130.
  23. Mostly the UV spoons. The launch was very busy in the morning, had to wait for 15 minutes or so to launch. The water level is high. I never used to have to take my soft top down to get under the bridge but I did have to yesterday. The UV Mongolian beef was very good.
  24. Good morning out of South Haven. Started in 90 and then moved out to 120 after the morning bite. 150, 200 and 300 copper were all good with moonshine spoons. Nothing on flashers, only took one hit on the riggers. Caught several around 20 pounds, the biggest was 23. The kids had a great time reeling them in.
  25. I know the kings have been hot but me and a couple friends spent the last few days fishing out of Port Clinton for walleye. Lots of fish and finally a few days of no wind or rain. We ran bandits back 70-95, fished the area between Kelly’s and Bass islands for the guys familiar with that area. Easy 3 man limits the last two days with plenty of throw backs afterwards.
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