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  1. Charter Captains Lot of 32 Old Storm Pre Rapala Junior Thundersticks in numerous colors. Please note that some side tabes are worn/broken and 1 [shown with tape] is in wrong box New-Other Brown Trout, Walleye & Salmon Just Can't Resist Them Priced to move $225.00 Delivered [2] Each of the following: J-3 Silver Scale w/ Black Back J-60 Naturistic Perch J-74 Fire Tiger J-76 Glow J-88 Pearl Blue Back/ Orange Throat J-103 Met. Silver Black Back J-104 Met Gold Black Back J-112 Met Silver Blue Herringbone J-139 Met Rainbow Trout J-148 Met Rainbow J-160 Met. Green Yellow Specks J-162 Met Blue Back Gold Tiger Stripes Orange Belly J-180 Silver Prism Black Back J-183 Gold Prism Black Back Orange Belly [1] Each of the following: J-30 Chartreuse Blue Back Orange Belly J-214 Red Hot Tiger GJ-237 Glitter Naturistic Bluegill GJ-236 Glittered Blue Pearl Orange Belly This is one of the largest lot of Junior Thundersticks that you may see for a long time. These are prime-time Spring Fish Catchers on the Great Lakes Fishery System Made in Norman Oklahoma/ Minnetonka Minnesota. Superior Craftsmanship and Paint. Proven Tournament Winners and just plain fish catchers Pictures speak for themselves. 3-1/2" long Very I have over a thousand NIB Old Storms and Rapalas - If you have any questions please feel free to ask! If you have any special colors that you are looking for I have almost all of them Shipping to USA Only. Tight Lines & Thanks For Looking!!
  2. Hello! Spring fishing will be here soon so get them while they last. More reasonable prices than ebay. If there is any specific needs please drop me a line at [email protected] I have helped a number of charter captains and lure painters out. Thanks for your time and consideration [2] FLV-30 Chartreuse Blue Back OB $ 12.00 ea [2] FLV-36 Solid Chartreuse $10.00 each [1] FLV-62 Naturistic Brown Crawfish- $18.00 each [2] FLV-74 Hot Tiger - $12.00 each [2] FLV-88 Pearl Baby Blue - $13.50 [1] FLV-104 Met Gold Black Back – 14.00 [2] FLV-116 Met Silver/ Green Herringbone $14.00 ea [2] FLV-120 Met Brown Crayfish – 17.50 [1] FLV-122 Met Green Black Specks - $ 15.00 [1] FLV-123 Met Chartreuse Crayfish $ 16.00 [1] FLV-124 Met Red Crayfish $ 16.00 [1] FLV-132 Met Silver Chartreuse lip $ 16.00 [2] FLV-142 Met Silver Blue Back - $13.50 ea [2] FLV-152 Metallic Shad Blue Back – 11.25 ea [2] FLV-201 Bleeding Shad– $13.00 each I have many New in box Flat Warts/ Wiggle Warts, Junior Thundersticks/ Baby Thundersticks and a few AJ's. Also many NIB Rapalas - Silver plated and Countdowns I may be reached at C# 518-265-3963 [email protected] Tight Lines Ric
  3. Many Old Storm Lures [ Like Billy Baroo] to sell! Including Junior Thundersticks, AJ and Deep Jr Thundersticks, Flat Warts and a limited number of Jointed Thundersticks, a few 1/4 Oz Hot-N-Tots and a number of Rapala Count downs - Some silver plated. If there is any specific needs please drop me a line at [email protected] I have helped a number of charter captains and lure painters out. Thanks for your time and consideration Tight Lines Pricing related to color # and availability
  4. Old Storm Lures Wanted - Pee Wee Warts Wee Warts Baby Thundersticks Jr Thundersticks J-84 Tuitti Fruitti J-92 Pure Pearl J-160 Metallic Green w/ Spots and J-195 Pink Flamingo Willing to $$$ Also have Old Storms NIB to trade Baby/J/AJ/DJ+Jointed also some tots and various outher hard to find Storms - All NIB Also have many of the Silver Plated Rapalas NIB [email protected] Tight Lines and Big Smiles! Appreciate your time and consideration! Ric
  5. Wanted - Old Storm Baby Thundersticks - New In Box Prefered Outright Purchase or trade - I have some old Jr / Deep Jr and AJ's NIB Baby Thundersticks - XJ-29 48 104 57 158 216 Loose lots also considered. Also looking for wee and pee wee warts! [email protected] Tight Lines - Bent Rods and Sore Hands! Much Appreciated Ric Taras
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