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  1. Appreciate the tip on the 40# - I was going a bit lighter than that (lakers) - but am hoping to get into Kings this coming season so I think I'll upgrade for sure!
  2. Does everyone run snubbers behind divers? I'm still a novice at running divers outside and I mostly fish for Lakers and it seems like it would soften the strike and make for a lesser hookset no? Any advice / thoughts from you divers experts would be very much appreciated!
  3. Looking for a 40hp tiller long shaft. Kids are getting bigger and the 25hp just isn't doing the trick anymore to get the boat up on plane. Looking for something safe & reliable. Thanks!
  4. Looks like another cold cold spring/summer on the great lakes - any suggestions on places to try for some nice lakers? Looking at the Munising area for a weekend trip, have never visited but heard it's good for salmon and/or trout. Hoping to take my 2 kids out for some fun!
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