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  1. A green and white flasher with a green fly has been good for us
  2. Left the launch at about 6:00am and ran out 85fow. Had all the rods set by 6:30 and started a W troll. Had a double on before 7:00am and managed to land one 8lb king(105fow). Went a while with no hits and then had a rip on a dipsy set on 3 140ft back. Came off when my dad took the rod out of the rod holder. At about 9:00 had a rip on another dipsy set on 3 160ft back and after about a half hour of tug of war, we managed to land a 22lb King:D It began to rain right before he hit and we saw several other boats hooked up, do salmon tend to hit more in rain? What worked: rigger set at 65 with glow wonderbread type magnum spoon/ top line set at 55 with dark green spoon that i added glow polka dots to(I call it green acne:) 1 for 2 Green and white glow spin doctor with green seaweed fly(1 for 2) Considering I am a 13yr old kid and my dad and i dont get out that often I would say we did quite good. Plus we have a 16ft. boat and 20yr old equipment:grin:
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