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  1. Hey Bill, I helped you at the gas dock at Shipwatch marina, nice looking ride! :thumb:Give me a jingle sometime when you are on the lake ch 07 or 71. Mike.
  2. Absolutely an auto pilot! I pieced my boat together over the years and got the auto pilot about in the middle of the process. I was pi$$ed at myself for not doing it at the beginning once I realized how much more pleasurable it made fishing on the big lake. 1. VHF radio 2. auto pilot 3. etc, etc, etc.....
  3. GLF, I figured that was it. Anyway, is there anybody out there reading this that knows what the ice conditions are on the Big Manistee river? I'm hoping to get out there at the first sign of a warming trend. Mike
  4. Hello Fishing Report, Can you tell me if one could launch at high bridge or is ice a problem? Thanks. Mike.
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