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  1. One comment on which spoons run best at high speeds. The answer is any of them. You can take some extra lead out of your cores and make a couple wraps around your trebles. The extra weight on the end of the spoon will make it run true at higher speeds. We have been doing this for years on both Mag spoons and dodgers. You can place two 1/4 oz split shot behind a dodger and it will "kick " and not spin at speeds to 4mph. Been using that trick for a long time when looking to find scattered schools of fish.
  2. Gimbal mounts are the only way to go. Cleanest look and easiest to remove. I never understood why anyone would put a bunch of plates down the side of their boat. All the big boats Ive been on use the gimbal system. You can still mount tracks to the gimbal plate. Remove everything and have a clean boat in less than 5 minutes.
  3. You can order it with whatever base you want. Its the same price with either. Just give them a call.
  4. I too love Rebel Fastracks. I had several dozen painted up for me 15 years ago and still have a couple of each color. Great bait that runs true at higher speeds. That bait me got me Super skipper and heaviest king in the 25th annual River Crab Salmon stakes tournament. Its was one of those days when the action of the Fastrack was the only thing they would hit that day for some reason.
  5. Standard and mag spoons I stick with trebles. Mini spoons and meat rigs I use singles exclusively.
  6. Back in the early 90s before we heard of lead core wire dispeys and mag dipseys. When fish were deep we would set standard dipseys on 3 put them out 100ft then put on a stacker release 20ft over the ball. Then send the rigger down 120-150ft. Worked well. Caught a lot of kings in Rockport in late July and August with that program. Haven't done that in years now with all the other methods but it does work.
  7. We have come from 5 on the boat down to 3 during the heat of summer but 2 most of the year. If fish are deep that third rigger right down the Shute is always money. If fish are in the top 50 with all the variations in long line presentations there are plenty of times we don't use riggers at all. I doubt I will ever have more than 3 riggers on a boat again regardless of the size.
  8. There's a misconception that a free slider stays in the middle of the bow in your line. We have been running cameras off our riggers the last couple years and found that after about 10 minutes free sliders work down to about 6 ft above the ball and stay there. I see a lot of posts about fixing sliders 6 ft over ball. That is not needed. The slider will end up there shortly anyway. If you want to target the halfway point in your rigger presentation you are better fixing the slider higher up on your rigger. When fishing 75 down we alway fix a slider 40 foot up. Very effective. Both fixed and free sliders are deadly on all fish Just giving a heads up to what really happens with free sliders.
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