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  1. Beautiful rainbow this morning,in the sky not fish! One for two Kings this morning. Chased first on around in circles,18 pound male, still nice color. Second fish ripped my lure off! I should have checked the rigger after circling, I probably wrapped the line around the ball! Line was still attached to release. I guess I'm not to old to learn and young enough to make mistakes! Only know of one other fish caught but I quit at 8:30. Unless there's another big WX. Change I think it will be just stragglers . Roger. Fayer1
  2. Fished Holland channel this AM (Monday) from 6:30 to 8:30 , no hits.a couple Kings caught off piers, one boat said they took one in front of piers but way to Rough for my cork to fish in front. Think that's probably the last of the run except for a few stragglers. Hope I'm wrong! Roger
  3. Just returned from the channel(Sunday morning) there were two fish caught in front of the piers by one boat and two caught off North pier that I know of. Pretty slow this morning for Kings. Nothing in channel, may try tomorrow morning Depending on WX . Water warmed up again. Roger
  4. Ok! I think I put pics on the gallery. Did you kill the Kings today(Saturday)?


  5. Saturday morning, lots of Kings being caught in channel. It's to bad some boats are running planner boards and long lines, other boats having to maneuver around when there fighting a fish 200 foot behind boat with all the traffic out there. Downriggers set at 14 foot is all that's needed.
  6. Every spring I nose the boat up to all the no wake buoys and mark them on the GPS. I also have the GPS mark a track midway between all the buoys. I venture out in the dark many mornings and if I put the map page on the GPS I can see all the buoys and where I'm at in relation to them. Great in the fog also.
  7. This morning in Holland channel, one 30 pound carp hooked in tail! Took a half hour to get lure back. One king 25 pounds on Bloody nose glow spoon. One 8 pound Walleye on same spoon all down 14 foot on riggers. Cold water moving in tonight and tomorrow should see another run.
  8. If there are fish left to run in Holland this weather should bring them in Saturday. The paddle boards may have to cancel if it gets to rough. Don't know much about the stand up boards!

  9. Hope this NW. Wind cools the water and we get another run. There's a standup paddle board doings of some sort Saturday morning. It may make trolling the Holland channel a challenge .
  10. Sept 3rd and 4th saw a good run of kings in the Holland channel. Five fish in one hour on the 3rd, three for four on the 4th. All on green and white double glow, and bloody nose glow. Riggers set at 14 foot down. Hope we get another run with the weather cool down.
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