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  1. Set up just north in 80 ft. Trolled out to 130. 80 to 90 ft was best. Ended 7 for 10. All fish came 45 foot down and deeper. All 10 hits came on meat rigs. Mixed veggies and crushed ice were working well.
  2. Went 9 for 12 today. Fished north out of Holland with all fish coming between 100 and 140 FOW. 5 color dang spoon took a fish. 10 color with green whale took 1. 300 copper with caramel dolphin took 1. 3 fish came on an artic ice meat rig, 2 on a moo moo meat rig and 1 fish on a purple meat rig.
  3. Went out this morning out of Holland. Ended up 5 for 7 with 6 six hits coming on meat rigs on wire divers. 1 on a 300 ft copper - craigs flounder pounder. 120 to 140 fow was best for us.
  4. Thanks for the report neighbor...lol. We are gonna try it tomorrow morning.
  5. New to the site and salmon fishing. We moved up here from Arizona late last year and this spring a buddy from work took me fishing on Lake Huron. I was shopping for boats the next week. I usually fish out of Holland and my boat is the Y-not. Kris
  6. Got out for about 3 hours before the lightning started yesterday afternoon. Went 5 for 6 in 100 to 120 fow. 4 steelies and a young king. Beautiful afternoon on the lake
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