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  1. I am using a Convector 55L. Love it! Why mess with superline backing if you don't have too? I can fit plenty of plain old cheap green dot dacron under my copper with the 55. It holds a board a heck of a lot better too.
  2. I think he means a pound ball rig, aka "thumper".
  3. It's a light transparent green with scale tape over it. Just something I was messing around with last year. To be honest with you I doubt I'm going to mass-produce it.
  4. Fished this morning 5 AM to 11:30. Probably should have gotten out a little sooner, as the early bite was strong but died down considerably after 8 AM. Started at 120', then trolled out to 220 and back in to 100, with the best action occuring at around 180. Ended up going 10 for 16, with 4 kings and 6 cohos. Not much for size, with an 8lb king being the biggest. Riggers and downriggers worked well, but couldn't get much going on leadcore or copper for some reason. Line score in no particular order: 1 for 3, Mag Raider Grey Beard, wire dipsey 50 LOC :GreyBeard: 1 for 1, MT Dew E-chip flasher w/ powder blue fly, wire dipsey 2 for 2, White/Blue glow Opti Inticer w/ 4K Bloody Nose fly, downrigger 83' 2 for 4, red 00 dodger w/ green 4K peanut fly, slide diver 1 for 1, Std Raider Flamethrower, slide diver :Flamethrower: 0 for 1, Mag Raider Roadkill, slide diver 0 for 1, Std Raider Lemon Ice, downrigger (stacker) 52' 1 for 1, Mag Raider Sister Sledge, SWR 7' (hit while setting the stacker) 1 for 1, Std Raider Jim Jones, downrigger 105' 1 for 1, Std Raider Antifreeze (prototype), half core
  5. I have a pair of Vector 3500's. They are brand new this season, so I don't have much time on them, but they are sweet so far. Unfortunately Nature Vision had to buy out Vector and hose things up. Expect to see "Made in China" stamped on all new Vectors within the next year.
  6. Rich "Fishmeister" Gorske joined me today for some early Mother's Day trolling. We started out in the same area as yesterday but the fish apparently moved as we only picked up a couple of cohos there on a standard size Chernobyl spoon on a full core. :Chernobyl: We followed the wind and waves back to the Southwest and had a small flurry of activity between 100 and 110 feet. A nice 10 lb king contracted a terminal case of radiation poison from a magnum Chernobyl off the copper rig and we missed a couple of rigger hits. Boated the final fish (coho) off a slide diver with a red "00" flasher and a green 4K fly before calling it quits at 9:30. Final Tally, 4 for 8 with 3 cohos and a king.
  7. Fishing remains excellent off Milwaukee despite the recent "less than stellar" weather conditions. We found the cohos in 150 feet of water off the towers today and finished up our 3-man-limit by 9:15. All cohos except one laker that we couldn't revive. Fish Tally: 5 for 5, red "00" size dodger with a green 4K peanut fly, slide diver 80' LOC 4 for 4, standard Raider Flamethrower, slide diver 60' LOC :Flamethrower: 3 for 5, mag Raider Chicken Pox, 300' of copper :cpox: 2 for 2, mag Raider Blue Knight, 90' down :BlueKnight: 1 for 1, 11" white Coyote w/ blue fly, 120' down (laker) 0 for 1, small red Alderton flasher w/ champagne fly, 2 color leadcore This was my first try at using Slide Divers and copper, and it was pretty cool to see those presentations kick butt! Also interesting was the fact that while Slides were smoking, I didn't take a single hit on either of my wire dipsies.
  8. Fall - because I have more space than money
  9. OK Skeiner, that one in the lower left corner looks good! You may see it in the future! Mike, why didn't ya say so? I have individual jpegs of all the spoons! How do you think I made the pdf?
  10. I try to match the size of the bait, which usually means magnums early in the year and smaller sizes later on once the young of the year baitfish show up. I usually run a mixture of both, however and then switch over to whatever the fish tell me they want that particular day.
  11. I am fishing the Manitowoc and Two Rivers derbies, plus the Merc Nationals, a walleye tournament on Lake Winnebago. Would like to get into the Brew City Tournament as well, but the date might conflict with the arrival of our new first mate.
  12. I just use regular Plano boxes. A big advantage of using single hooks is that you can store about a hundred of them in a single box.
  13. I move the weight all the way forward when running full cores. Otherwise I leave it in the middle.
  14. I like Ande, but decided that 17lb is my "sweet spot" for rigger rods and Ande doesn't make 17lb so..... I am using 17lb Trilene XT. I generally respool at the beginning of every season.
  15. I use a Depth Raider and love it!
  16. Josh

    Boat Names

    "Red Hook" after the name of my company, Red Hook Tackle, which was started by the previous owner in Red Hook, NY.
  17. I never stop fishing. The 2 and 3 year old bite in the late fall can be awesome. One of my best days ever occured on November 30th. This is the result of 4 hours of fishing between two boats. Several fish were tossed back too.
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