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  1. thank you, can't wait till spring to get going on it.
  2. I recently purchased a 1989 Trophy which has never been equipped for fishing. I was wondering if anyone has mounted anything on the wood located in the back on both sides. It is almost two inches thick and is right where the riggers should go. i don't know whether to put in a track mount system or not. I would love to hear from some trophy owners on how they did it.
  3. I'm sure you did better than most,that big one was a hog.
  4. Ken-We hooked the first one as soon as we reached over a 100 ft which in Charlevoix is about a two minute ride, the difference between 100 and 250 feet is usually less than 1/8 mile so I usually zig-zag between 100 and 200 and catch fish on the turns a lot. Alan, it was as good as I've seen it up there.
  5. Everything started well, got the first downrigger set around 5:30, a white spin doctor with a white glow fly down 88 and it went off before the second one was down, turned out to be a 19 1/2 pounder which fought like crazy, glad the spread wasn't out. Then 20 min later it went off again and we caught a little king around 6 or 7 lbs. Had several more releases as it got lighter then we caught a laker that was over the limit. Then our luck changed, we were outside most of the boats but some guy in a trophy swerved out and ran over and hooked my lead core and ripped it off. Then we had a screamer break off my braid dipsey. Then the same thing happened just before we left. I haven't lost anything all year but I made up for it yesterday. g
  6. Heading to Charlevoix in the morning, anybody got any recent reports to help? If not I will start out and fish down 80 ft or so and hunt em up.
  7. Are you going out in the bay in the morning? What channel do you moniter besides 16/9, I can give you a shout tho I will be on West Bay weather permitting, my boat is the Three Putt,which pretty much sums up my golf game.
  8. Whoopee tyee has a report about 3 days ago you can peruse.
  9. Did you catch the atlantics in Torch Lake, I caught some there earlier this summer.
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