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  1. First time I ever went out of gh and as soon as we hit 96 fow we started to drop lines and we only had two lines out when a big, and when I say big, I mean BIG! fish hit like a ton of bricks and when my dad grabbed the rod the fish jerked it out of his hand and we saw the fish tail walking behind the boat with the spoon in his mouth a second after that. So we went 0-1 today... Very bad trip. My worst ever yet, hope it will stay that way... I won't be going back to gh anythime soon.
  2. The Steelhead was caught on a blue and orange spoon. the mystery fish hit 20 feet down
  3. Went 3-4, one coho, one steelhead, and one king. trolled in fount of sliders and out north of pears too. Tried 170 fow too 110 and nothing but from 98 fow too 86 was best. marked lots of bait fish in front of sliders in 60-65 fow. Lost something on a bloody nose plug in about 86 fow before day light (possible a steelhead but it didn't jump so maybe a Coho) Caught the Coho on a dipsee 86 back set too 3 with a blue glow spoon on it in 88 fow right at sun rise Caught the king on a bloody nose fly on a dipsee around 96 back on 3 with a white fish catcher in 96 fow around 8 Then after a few hours of no fish we went up to 66 fow and marked a ton of bait fish and caught a steelhead 45 feet down on a sinker release around 2.
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