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  1. I have a CANNON Magnum 10A Digi-Troll Electric DUAL-ROD Downrigger for sale. WORKS GREAT!! Asking $450 Located in Spring Lake Call 616-844-7479 or 616-485-3062 Here's a couple of pics
  2. Slow last weekend, lots of boats very few fish.
  3. Went out again tonight with a little better luck, lost a nice one next to the boat with too small of a net, and a couple broke my 20lb test about 15ft from the boat. Caught them on green & yellow jplugs set 12ft down. I'm going to get a bigger net and some better line.
  4. I was running 2 downriggers, 2.5 mph give or take, using a silver/green J-plug, & a green & yellow plug, also tried a red and white one for abit. Tried setting lines anywhere from 15 to 25 feet down. What's a good channel to monitor for info? Tim you are on the money about watching out for everyone else, boats everywhere, you almost need a nascar spotter out there, pretty near got ran into the wall a couple times.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to salmon fishing. I was wondering if anyone had some tips for Grand Haven? I was trolling just around the end of the pier from 3:00 to 9:30 tonight with down riggers and Jplugs and had no luck at all. Dozens of boats were out there catching fish one after another. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
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