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  1. Thanks for being understanding Matrob,i wouldnt do it again.good luck fishing.fish-on
  2. Its fine Chris,Matrob got the Depthraider,i said that earlier,my apologies to Matrob for doing that,have a good year fishing.fish-on
  3. yeah ok Chris! Is that how ya describe someone on a public forum that ya dont know,call them an ass and then describe them as doing something thats ridiculous,pretty immature,i never bought anything off of here before and i made a mistake,glad ur so perfect.
  4. Hey Dark Blue! you dont know the story,ur completely wrong.I waited 2 days before replying thinking that he maybe didnt want it,the owner sent me the tel number to buy it,i waited a cpl more days to see if he still wanted it,he replied on the forum saying he sent a pm,i sent him a pm saying that he could have it and i would look for another one,mind your buisness!!!
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