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  1. I'm a erie walleye guy wanting to get into lake Ontario king fishing,thinking about still getting up to oak orchard this year .is it to late to get them in the lake ?
  2. O.k.thanks for pointing that out.im talking about going out of north east Pa. Thats suppose to be tha place to go out of erie for lake trout
  3. I've haven't fished for lakers yet, can any one give me some info on catching these old boys? What spoons?what leed lenth on riggers?speed ect.thanks.
  4. Thanks gor the information will checkout he x5.this was my first post and i hope to use it more.
  5. Help.was looking at raymarine s1000 for my 21ft baretta with omc 5.0 and omc cobra out drive.will it work? What are my options? Thanks
  6. Hi guys first time to post on here.been fishin erie for only a couple years and im highly addicited[imagine that]anyway just bought a used cannon speed and temp on ebay [another addiction]want to try lake o this year.i cant get a grip on how to attach to downrigger ball or cable.any info would be appricated.love this site .Thanks
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