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  1. Is there a good map chip out there that would have the contours around Isle Royale national park,,,,Heading up there Aug 31 and in a panic to locate a chip with contours Thanks In Advance
  2. Thanks for you input 1 Mainiac I have done this mod to all my boards and like how they run with my lead core lines "kicked my partners butt today 3 to zero running boards over dipseys" Thanks again
  3. Marine General sells single planer boards with an adjustable swing arm so you can store them easier ,,,Just paint them so they are easier to see or add a flag Also check out a tread about modifying inline planer boards My offshores work fine with 5 colors after that mod (Bloodrun Tackle has a good read for moding planer boards)
  4. You might want to consider Isle Royale for big lakers ,,,I hear reports of some dandys caught there quite often ,,,The bigger kings are a little more scattered and few are planted ,,Mn and Wi don't plant any so that doesn't help us on this end of the lake
  5. Yep Superior has currents !!! I got a fish hawk last year and was surprised by the currents at the ball compared to SOG with GPS
  6. All my trolling spoons have siwash hooks ,,,makes storage easy and the net is the biggest benefactor of a single hook ,,,I havent noticed any difference in hook up ratio I just spent this weekend pulling off the front trebles on my trolling stick baits that had 3 trebles ,,the VMC sureset on the back of my stick baits helps with hook ups tho
  7. I feel rather fortunate after reading 4 pages of losses I only lost one pancake rigger weight with the release first time down (brain fart with a terminator) 1 deeper diver with abe & al flasher and moonshine atomic melon spoon (bad split ring that opened up) 2 colors of lead core (due to LCD lead core disaster too much stuff spinning too close to each other) the fish we landed far out weighed the loss of equip Lets all have a better year this season!!!
  8. Blue jackel started out hot ,,,then bloody nose,,,,,ended the season with atomic melon being the hottest MOAB did well but its not an RV Lk Mich angler has the new colors on there site
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