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  1. There is bait and a lot of kings everywhere around Milwaukee right now. Most of the kings being caught are wild fish. Milwaukee isn't supposed to have as much natural reproduction as Michigan so its possible that the Michigan kings are hanging out on the Wisconsin side. I saw a guy at the fish cleaning station last night who caught 15 kings from 4pm to 8pm and most of them were 15 to 20 pound fish. Just thought I'd mention since it seem kind of doom and gloom over there in Michigan.
  2. Yeah we did need a bigger net haha. We lost a 15lber that floped out of the net right after that first one that was just hanging by hooks. First time channel trolling and we had a blast. Our glow J plugs at first hour of light were hot also.
  3. No weight, I wish I would have (no scale). I took the 2 fillets to get smoked and they were over 15 lbs combined so I'm not sure how much it weighed but maybe around 30? Anybody know the fillet to fish ratio?
  4. Went out for a sunset cruise Friday night in holland. No wind so we motored and put a few rods out. 1 for 1 in 90FOW on a white flasher fly down 50 on rigger. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/4/8/5/8/image.jpg' alt='image.jpg'>
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