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  1. The Lansky is a good sharpener I have had one for many years. It works best on shorter blades and broadheads. I also have an Edge Pro Apex, also a fine sharpener. It works best for sharpening longer blades like kitchen knives and fillet knives. the edge pro can be set to match any any angle so you can maintain the factory angle which can save alot of time becasue you don,t have to remove as much metal. I sharpened a friend's hunting knife with the Edge Pro (the Lansky is capable of this too) and he brought it back after dressing a deer and asked me to "make it not quite so sharp". A ceramic stick or a smooth steel is good for maintaining an edge. Their function is to stand the edge up after it has been bent, and are not intended to remove material. One thing to remember when picking a sharpener is that you want to remove as little metal as possible. Most knives are not hard all the way through and once you have removed the hard surface of the edge they will not stay sharp.
  2. I have been using a sub troll for several years and find it very usefull. I often have guests drive while I rig and it is invaluable for an inexperienced driver. It is relatively easy for them to watch the down speed and it is much more stable than gps speed. I think it helps with the fishing program too.
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