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  1. I usually just use my spreader lights to set and net and my stern light gives off enough light to see the rods I was looking at the the L E D lights that are below the water line and was wondering if the give off enough light to net?
  2. Thanks for the input guys.. Unfortunately my boat is way too big to get into my garage so I guess I will have to wait until spring to give it a shot. Thanks for all the info John
  3. I have a 1988 Regal and I gave her a good bath and tried to put a good wax job on her but the finish still seems pretty dull . I've tried Mcguire's compound that says it brings the paint back to life but to no avail... so ... am I S.O.L. or is there a product out there that will bring back the finish to a somewhat newer look? Thanks John
  4. Kewaunee would be my first choice and docking at Salmon Harbor Marina, They have great facilities with showers and cleaning stations and a campground right on the habor and the shops are less than a 1\2 mile away across the river and also a nice bar\restaraunt a short walk from the marina... John
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