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  1. Wow, been a while since I've been able to post here. Here's a few videos from this summer so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw7pFv-nDE4
  2. Fishing has been pretty good as of late. Crawler harnesses and cranks both seem to be producing fish. I've had better luck on the west shore with crawlers and cranks on the east shore. Did have a few buddies have some good luck catching bigger fish on crawlers trolling some humps on the east shoreline. Most fish have been caught in 5-10fow. Perch colors seem to be our top producer the last few trips out. Most fish averaging from 18"-25" long. PS: be prepared to do battle with many sheephead!
  3. Probably will be the last video for the ice fishing season, rivers are open in our area and the forecast is in favor of open water fishing...big girl in the video was released after some photos to fight another day..thanks for watching.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf0Y9kh1OP4
  4. Thanks Ken, yes they are. Nice that our area has a good pike bite during the late ice and into the spring time.
  5. Working on part 1 now, kind of did it backwards, lol...ended up this day with 9 for 23. Some shorts hits, pull offs and some that didn't make the video camera.
  6. Spillway- nice, looked into it and i might give it a shot. Be cool to post some pics on their site catching some fish with it and to be custom painted as well.
  7. Thanks guys...always fun to hone in on the bow skills during the off season.
  8. Not sure how any people try this, but its always a blast, plus it helps rid of some unwanted fish. Thanks for watching
  9. Took the video down to fix up some editing...will post again when finished..Thanks
  10. Thanks turfwrench...yea, i plan on taking a trip up there in february if the ice is good. Definetly gonna go with a group of people.
  11. here's some new ones, got some more drying on the rack now too.
  12. Went to try a river for some trout/salmon...ended up 3 for 5 in a short trip. Fish were caught on Pautzke cured spawn. Good start to my 2013 season. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G39thZUPQI
  13. Finally getting out to hit some rivers for trout...past few times out, ended up getting into some fish. Mostly been hitting on cured up salmon spawn and an occasional shiner. Set-ups were on the automatic fisherman too. Got some video footage that I hope to post in the next few days under the video forum...stay tuned.
  14. Does anyone fish or know or people who fish Copper Harbor in the winter time. Would love to try to go after some trout through the ice. Thanks for any help/tips.
  15. Made a lure for my brother in law...his name is Mike but we all call him Spike, so i put his name into the paint scheme of the lure, plus he likes musky fishing, so i got to use a decent sized crankbait.
  16. Thanks guys! Frank: The store was Hobby Lobby in Green Bay
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