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  1. my reports are fish now at southaven pier now try glow spoons at night
  2. good job trout teaser. wish i was their on sunday bellyripper.
  3. ahh labor day blues , wait till memorial day.
  4. thanks iceman could have not said it better one bright spot is some biologist found a rare species of clam by pearl st. hopefully this will put a damper on their parade.
  5. just wondering how pepole feel about the kayakers comming to town i have fished the bridges around town fo many years . with high sucess rates in feb and march. this will change with the removel of the coffers and dam systems.location and adaptation will be a hard change for me but will come in time. the fear i have now is what i have witnessed in the lower grand rude paddlers takeing up fishing holes speed complaints just plain rudeness to the fishing crowd . i know not to put all pepole in a group just as their r slob fisherman. hope we can all get along in the future. like to hear other comments on this issue BELLYRIPPER.
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