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  1. I am thinking of go to Lake Michigan Sunday morning how is this blow going to effect fishing? And what Port good to go out of? I havnt made it out much this year some salmon supply is low. Thanks for any input Neal
  2. Thanks guys I hope to get out and fish this weekend...
  3. I dont fish in water like that if I can help it. Too many boats not good. Thats like people running lead core in a pack. Hear that on the radio all the time another fight. Not to start something there I run lead core myself.
  4. I want to fish out of Grand Haven but havent heard any good reports. I was wondering if it is all done for the Salmon this fall already? I would like to hear some imformation on that port or anyother one. Thanks
  5. Can anyone say what is going on a the big pond? I have heard the salmon are up the rivers already? Went fishing in Muskegon earlier this week and never had a bump no ones getting any fish to speak of.

  6. You should try finding someone that would take you under their wing and help you out. I have been fishing out there for a few years but I had people show me what to do. And learn from chartering boats. I still dont know all and never will the time spent has alot to do with it too. Good Luck
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