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  1. I also fish out of a 19ft'er. The stick is the lighthouse on big sable point, about 8 miles north of ludington harbor. The bathhouse is a little south of that. Its a building at ludington state park. The project is the power plant between ludington and pentwater.
  2. I run a slide diver set on 1 1/2. It has the ring and the 7oz weight that they sell to go with it. I run a 30 ft to 50ft braid leader off the wire for slide diver to slide on.
  3. Fished monday evening launched at pentwater. We were 5 for 5. All fish came in 120 to 140 fow in front of the dunes. Laker on a 3 color with a yeck uv beetle Steelhead on a 5 color with a yeck fireball Steelhead same as above King on a wire slide diver 160 back with a gasoline meat rig and yellow sparkle spin doctor. King on rigger 60 down with a moonshine uv bloody nose Tuesday morning launched at loomis and went north to hang out with a hundred of my best fishing buddies. We were 5 for 9. Set up in front of the bath house in 130 fow and rode that north of the point a mile or so. Didnt hit our first fish until we got to the stick. Started off with a double. King on a wire slide diver 120 back with a big weenie green tribal meat rig and flasher. King on a wire slide diver back 160 with a black crush glow spin dr and a moo moo meat rig Rigger 100 down fired with a black mamba meat rig and paddle. Came unbuttoned about 2 minutes in. Then i put it on a west troll. And hit the following fish in the 36's King on a wire slide diver 209 back with the black spin dr and moo moo meat rig. 150cu fired with a yeck uv beetle but came unbuttoned 6 color fired with yeck uv frosted veggie but came unbuttoned Same 150cu fired with a steelhead Same 6 color fired with a steelhead. Rigger with a dodger and spin glo fired 125 down but came unbuttoned about half way in. It felt like a big laker. I found 2 alewives in a steelhead belly and some bugs in another steelhead. The rest were empty.
  4. I've always set them to release. Just tie a rubber band on the line where you attach the board and put the rear pin thru it and the line so the board doesn't slide down the line. It works great on lead core that way.
  5. for those of you that run walleye boards with your copper do you set them up to release when you get a fish on? ive always ran the yeck boards with my 1/2 cores but have added a couple 300 coppers this year. last year i ran a 200 copper with a walleye board but i swapped the release for an otter release, that worked pretty good.
  6. I just put together a 200 45lb copper. I don't have a copper rod but have a bunch of other extra trolling rods. Will a leadcore or diver rod work? I'm not sure what type of rods copper works well with( 7ft or 8ft, med or heavy action ).
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