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  1. My buddy fished there yesterday because the big water wasn't too friendly. He caught one laker and one 15lb king. I have heard of some better catches but up toward Elk Rapids.
  2. Well hopefully at this time tomorrow I'll be reporting that I caught a box full... or at least a couple.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has been out to the Manitou's before we had all this wind. Planning on heading out tomorrow from Glen Arbor and was leaning toward South Manitou.
  4. Thank you for the replies. Can I tie a blood knot to attach the backing and the leader?
  5. I've been doing searches here on fishing with copper and my eyes are about ready to pop out of my head after reading so many different posts. But I still haven't found an answer to a very basic question I have. Do most people fish it like lead core meaning they run it out to the backing and then attach the backing to a board or do you run it as a tail gunner? Also one other question is do I need line counters or can I just use copper on my Tekota's that I now have lead on? I know it depends on how I plan on fishing it. I do have a steel wire rod setup that I never use because it's a pain having to attach the lead drops to it just to get to a fishable depth. Any help would be appreciated.
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