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  1. Hi just wanted to say thanks the switch was on the lower corner of the shifter base it blends right in with the cover. It all works great!
  2. This boat has the commander 3000 series control, the book shows a separate remote mounted trailer toggle switch but I'll be darned if I can find it.
  3. I will check that out in the morning. Do you think Crestliner would be able to supply me a schematic for this boat? It sure would help. Thanks
  4. Hi I just bought a 94' sabre 245 it has the Merc Alpha One 4.3 L LX drive in it. The guy who owned it had passed away and his son sold the boat. The question I have is about the power trim/tilt, the control for it is on the shift lever and it works fine in the trim range but stops at full trim up position, that uses about 2-3" inches of the rams travel. How do I get it to tilt up for trailering? I have Volvo aq drive in my old boat and it has an additional switch you have to press along with the trim up switch. I can't find any such switch on this setup. Anybody got any idea?
  5. Do you have any pics of the interior?
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