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  1. Big Papa Sportfishing Products Charge up your glow Spoons, Flashers, Flies, meat rigs, and plugs. If it glows you can charge it. The Charge Box is the answer. Come see it at the Big Papa Sportfishing Booth at the Ultimate Fishing Show Novi, Mi. Jan. 12th thru Jan. 15th.
  2. Stingers in st joe! Fish lemon lime on sunny days the regular size or the sting ray. Last year 2011 the hottest spoon in the water was the yellow natural born killer (ynbk) admiral hook
  3. Walker downriggers have been and will continue to be the #1 brand of downriggers for sportfisherman. 1. The price is ideal for any angler. Any angler can find a rigger that meets thier price budget. If they want something small then start off with the hand cranks and upgrade them as you get more money. 2. All the parts are interchangeable. You dont have to spend $700 to $1100. If you do have that much to spend, then get a rigger with all the same qualities as the other, but you get the underwater camera. When it comes to a trustworthy downrigger, go with the original one who's been around the longest, go with walker!
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