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  1. I have a 2000 22 ft crestliner eagle on a roller Shorelander with no guide posts. You are putting the trailer in the water way too far. If you back the trailer in until the back rollers are just an inch or 2 under water the boat will center itself perfect every time. Granted you have to extend the winch strap longer and crank in more cable. A Dr Hook pole to attach the cable to the bow of the boat keeps your feet dry or you have to tight rope your way down the trailer frame to hook up. I bough the Dr hook and it works great. If you back the trailer in too deep, the boat just floats around over the rear rollers. puking dog
  2. I own a 22 ft Crestliner Eagle. Big flat bottom means low roll but rough ride. It tows very easy. It gets awesome gas mileage on the lake. It does ride rough in big waves and gets you wet. I also had a leaking charging system, caused by my 4 stroke Evinrude kicker that was starting to eat up my hull and Mecruiser main engine prop due to galvanic corrosion. I fixed it with a new stator on the kicker but you wouldn't have that issue with a glass boat. The other problem you see with high free board boats like the Eagle is that they don't stick to the water in high cross winds like a heavy boat. This is only a problem when trying to dock in tight quarters or when trying to get it back on the trailer. Lots of shifting forward to reverse in big cross winds. Trolls fine at walleye speeds and much better at salmon speeds. You will be trading gas mileage (towing and on the lake) for handling and ride. My next boat will be glass, then I'll complain about fuel bill but I'm still going back to glass.
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