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  1. Hot out front. Silver #5 15 down and 60 back with WD40. Over by 8:00.
  2. Very good right outside the pier heads after the sun went down. Didn't mark much but it looked like everybody hooked a few.
  3. Still nothing out front in the dark. (Wind was howling offshore, so I bet this will change.). Pond not bad for a bright, sunny morning.
  4. Went back tonight. Break was up to 50 right were it drops from 60 foot to 100. Tons of fish and bait on out to 120. Seemed sparse after that. Got a bunch of cofounder but only one king.
  5. Fished out front in the dark. Screen looked good but no hits. Went into pond just as the sun was breaking the horizon and there was a nice flurry. Ran to Pt after it got bright. Thermo was up to 75 with lots of bait and hooks. Got one at 81 down.
  6. Lots of fish in the pond and some were biting. Lots of weeds and lots of fleas made fishing a PIA. Should be calm tomorrow so I can go elsewhere.
  7. So so action at mouth this morning. Checked PM Lake and marked kings but saw no action. Some of the boats from the point came in early with limits.
  8. The link below is a sailing site. I find it to be very accurate and you can get it for all the ports: http://www.windfinder.com/forecast/lake_michigan_muskegon_pierre_marquette&wf_cmp=7
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