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  1. The 31st Annual Harrisville fishing tournament hosted by the Lincoln Lions club will be held June 6-8 this year. Ladies Tournmanet on the 6th and the Super Tournament the 7th & 8th. Hope to see some new boats this year. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to mail you a sign up form and rules flyer. Thanks, Jon
  2. Lots of fish to be caught in Alpena. All day long. The tournament results from last weekend were outstanding. It was a 7am-3pm tournament. We went through over 20 walleye from 2-3.5 pounds. We weighed about 17 pounds for our best 5 and I bet we didn't make the top 10. Lots of weights between 15-18 pounds. 27 pounds was the winner.
  3. What speed are you running with those spoons?
  4. Yea they are. Let me know when you get up here to Hubbard. Mayflies are about to be in full-force now. Revenge of Nessy Classic is a great time.
  5. Thanks Scott. I hear you are taking lessons from Ryan and Aaron now on big Lake Trout fishing. :lol:
  6. I was wondering if the bite stayed good throughout the day out of Au Gres? I've always had good luck in the morning but I would like to run down there after work some evening and pick up some fish. How is the night bite?
  7. Sounds alot like our day. Caught a ton of fish Friday pre-fishing and Saturday during the tournament. Of course bigger fish were caught on Friday. Ended up weighing 13.22 pounds. Had to make an 18.5 mile run straight into those waves. Took us and hour and a half and just barely made it. Looking back I wish we would have taken our time with the weight we had. Ended up breaking my VHF radio, my console and windshield, and had to tighten every screw on the boat. Had fun though. My back is still sore.
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