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  1. Sent a pm with my phone number, please call
  2. I guess I am not completely accurate after thinking about it. It depends on where the batteries are at, how they are hooked together determining the resistance on the leads from battery to battery. Either way, hooking to each terminal on one battery will work just fine. To be 100% sure you are putting the same amount of charge into each battery which really isn't all that important, you will have to connect one lead to each battery, again depending on resistance determined by the lead length/material and connection integrity.
  3. two 12v batteries hooked together - parallel = 12v, series = 24v. Your batteries are connected in parallel making them a 12v battery. If you hook the charging system to one battery, that battery will be charged by the charger and the battery being charged will charge the other battery. This will work just fine but to charge them both equally at the same time, connect the negative from the charger to one battery and the positive from the charger to the other.
  4. This is a question I have had as well. So are you guys saying you've had better luck trolling into, with or across the currents?
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