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  1. hi, i made several thousand jigs,ice lures, hanesses,etc and i heated with a propane torch and like other posters noted, put them in toaster type oven where you can hang many depending on size,et al jigs 100 in reg size oven , contact protec paints and there is a specific temp for each color they are great to work with finish incredible. hope this helps. rick big bear
  2. what yearsea ray tyler...thanks rick t

  3. took about 70-80 fish in last week many small but a few for the grill. willow #5 charteuse blades but snap wts 1.5-1.7 50/50 back etc very near #1. took yellow drift bag to slow down on 22 stARCRAFT. A FEW ON HOTS AND RIPPERS
  4. /walleye express, good to hear your doing well... Big bear fishing lures Rick R.
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