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  1. I just fished Torch Lake yesterday trying to catch an Atlantic Salmon. Here is what I learned in about 4 hours of fishing. I tried fishing out deep (250+) for quite a while trolling the top 50 feet with leadcores 2 colors to full cores. No hits, very few fish marked but the marks I did see where in top 50 feet. I fished out deep based on some very limited info I saw on line about the salmon being out there when the water warms up. I saw a guy trolling in closer so I moved in and found a lot of marks in 100-140 fow. Marks were from top to bottom. was able to work this area for about an hour before dark and managed on laker on a moonshine spoon 100 down on a rigger. A lot of marks on the bottom but the marks higher up should have been something else. That laker was my only hit. The area I found with all the marks was on the east side of the lake just north and south of where the clam river dumps in. Please let me know if you have any success as I am going to give it another try. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the info. We had a successful trip. Caught 6 keepers Sunday afternoon, sorted a bunch and got our 15 on Monday and 15 in aoubt 4 hours Tuesday. We fished 21-23 feet of water with harnesses and crawlers. Almost all fish came high in the water column. Great weather and a great bunch of fish. Sounded like fishing was improving by the day. There was a massive bug hatch on and I wonder if that slows the fishing as most of the fish we caught had stomachs full of bugs.
  3. Thanks for the information. We will be hitting the water Sunday afternoon. No Limit, I will try to give you a shout on the radio. Appreciate the info, if I can ever help you out over here, I would be happy to reciprocate.
  4. Two buddies and I are coming over from the west side of the state for our annual walleye trip Sunday - Tuesday. We will be staying in Linwood. Anyone wishing to help a west side salmon fisherman catch some of your walleyes, please let me know if you have any current info from the Linwood area. Seem to be very few reports, slow fishing?? Thanks for the help.
  5. I use a Fish Hawk. It is ok, I think if I bought again I would go witht he sub troll. I like the analog readout better than the digital. Digital jumps around too much. They all work, comes down to personal preference.
  6. Fished out of Holland this morning from about 8 til 1. We went 7 for 7. Water was VERY cold on the inside (39 degrees 20' down) marked nothing in this freezing cold water so quickly moved out, much nicer out around 120. Caught all of our fish between 140 fow and 180 fow. 300' copper was the best rig with a mag blue dophin or kevorkian bubble mag. Full core, 3 color, and rigger at 85' each took one hit with glow frog, jaw breaker and coyote respectively. Marked a lot of fish from 120 on out to 180 from surface to bottom. Talked to one other boat that did pretty well also. Reel Nauti
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