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  1. He did not blow up or do a "Archie Bunker" rant. He voiced his opinion.
  2. And on the rule end. how about like pulpfishing said make the captians meeting less confussing and from a personal exp. dont make new rules the morning of stick with the written rules. That way there is no well I thought this or I thought that.
  3. Well otter most people like getting out before sun up to try and get apart of the morning bite.Myself there has been many times that i have been out on the lake fishing at 0400 and done fishing with a full box by 8 am.
  4. Well done pulpfishing and crew. Sometimes when you like back you do your best Homer Smipson i know i have.
  5. Long time listener first time caller. Thought i would just say hello to all the fellow fishermen of the site. I reside in Saugatuck,MI. I have been fishing on Lake MI for 6 years now. I fish out of a 27ft Sea-Ray Amber Jack. I look forward to reading all the fishing reports for the rest of this year.
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